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The following is an overview of Toontown containing some basic guidance and information. If you don't get to read all the rest of this guide straight away, this bit at least should get you up and Tooning.

You should by now have installed Toontown and run the program. You will have made a Toon that you intend to play and been through the initial Toontorial where Tutorial Tom and HQ Harry show you how to use the two gags you start with - Throw and Squirt. Flippy has also given you the one basic piece of information that will guide you throughout Toontown - Toons need to defeat Cogs. From here you will go out and explore Toontown for yourself, starting in Toontown Central playground.


Let's take in a little geography. There are six themed playgrounds in Toontown. In playgrounds Toons can meet, play some games, go shopping, heal after fighting cogs, buy gags, and get new tasks assigned to them. A playground is a safe place to be.

When HQ Harry showed you the map in the Shticker Book it looked like this.

The playgrounds are the hub of your activities in Toontown and each playground has its own set of tasks available to toons. You are given tasks that increase in difficulty as you move through the playgrounds. A Toon's progress is often measured by the playground in which they are currently working on tasks.

It is tempting to want to rush through tasks and get a higher experienced Toon as quickly as possible. Well, slow down there - Toontown is designed to be played at a leisurely pace. Spending time in Toontown Central learning the basics of cooperative gameplay will set you up with good strategies for advancing through the rest of the game. You will not be given bigger tasks until you have completed the simpler early tasks, so dashing off to explore all the areas may prove frustrating. For a new player spend most of your time in Toontown Central.

Here's a sneak preview of the rest of the map once the clouds have been taken away.

All new Toons start here. Mickey Mouse wanders this playground giving general game hints. It is themed around gags and jokes.

Donald Duck pilots his ferry around the playground in a parody of Steamboat Willy. This playground has a nautical theme.

Daisy gives gardening hints here which will come in handy when you work on your Estate. The theme is flowers.

Mickey's girlfriend Minnie Mouse is your host here and it has a musical theme.

The silent one, Pluto, roams the frozen playground here. It is always winter here and there is plenty of ice and snow.

Donald is here too - but maybe it is a dream? He wanders the playground, sleepwalking. The theme is night time and bedtime. This is the last playground you will go to for tasks, and it is where the highest level cogs walk the streets.

In each playground you will find four buildings - Toon Headquarters, Pet Shop, Gag Shop, and Clothing Shop.

  • The Toon Headquarters

This is where toons go to acquire and hand in their toontasks. There are 4 HQ Officers there to help you. When picking out toontasks, don't just accept the first task offered. Be sure to see what tasks each officer offers so as to get the easiest task for you to do. Toon Headquarters can also be found on each of the adjoining streets.

Each playground has a set of tasks you must complete before you move on to the next. These can not be skipped. Your only other options will be "Just for fun" tasks if you don't complete them.

1. Laff point missions - Laffpoints give your toon more health and allow them to last longer against high level cogs. When you do laffpoint tasks you will be adding to your toon's maximum health.

2. Gag training - Toontown Central, Donald's Dock, Minnie's Melodyland and The Brrrgh have these tasks. This is how you learn to use a different gag track. You can use 6 out of the 7 gag tracks when you complete all of your training.

3. Jellybean Pouch - Earn a larger pouch to carry more jellybeans on yourself. This means less runs to your jellybean bank. The maximum is 250 jellybeans.

4. Toontask amount - Allow your toon to obtain more toontasks they can do at one time. The maximum is 4 tasks.

5. Gag Pouch - Increase the amount of gags you can carry. The maximum amount is 80 gags.

6. Teleport Access - Get the ability to teleport to the given playground from anywhere.

You can't avoid all tough tasks, but being a little more selective in the types of missions you take can make your toon life easier. Try to choose missions where you'll spend less time searching and more time getting what you need. Also avoid doing unnecessary missions in the Cog HQ (factory, mint) unless you know you can obtain help there easily.

  • The Gag Shop

This is where you stock up on all your gags. Two clerks are there to help you. Unfortunately it can get very busy in there at times. It may be best to go to another district or playground and find a less busy shop.

A little tip - if you accidentally bought too many of a certain gag then click the rubbish bin at the bottom left of the gag page to delete the excess gags.

  • Clothing Shop

Do a toontask to earn a clothing ticket and you can purchase one outfit (both a top and a bottom) from the Clothing Shop in your playground. The early playgrounds have some decent clothes, but most of the good clothes are found in the cattlelog. You must pick both your shirt and skirt/shorts at the same time or else you will have used your clothing ticket up.

  • Trolley

Hop aboard the trolley to play the various trolley mini-games. This is the easiest way to earn jellybeans if you run out. The games become more difficult in each successive playground.

  • Pet Shop

This is where you can buy a pet doodle! The doodles are more expensive and have more varied traits in each successive playground. The doodles in Donald's Dreamland are much more expensive than the ones in Toontown Central, however they listen and perform tricks at a much more accurate rate. You can also sell your fish here. Rare fish are worth more if you sell to the pet shop.

  • Fishing Pond

Come here to relax and fish. It's not simply just clicking. You have to aim as well. You can earn bonus laff points as you catch different species of fish. You receive one laffboost per 10 fish, making 7 laffboosts in all. Some fish are easy to catch while others can take ages to find; the difficult fish are referred to as "Ultra Rares."

  • The Streets

There are gates from the playground leading to the streets. Each playground has at least two adjoining streets. Above the gate is the name of the street. The smaller signs below the gate indicates which playground the street will lead you to.

The streets are where all the action is. Stay on the sidewalks until you are ready because cogs roam the streets! If you get too close to a cog it will draw you into a battle - and if you lose you go sad and end up back in the playground until your laff comes back. Each street contains different cog types of different levels. Once outside Toontown Central you will find some streets only contain one or two types of cogs, such as Bossbots and Lawbots for example.

The streets are lined with shops you'll need to visit to complete your toontasks. You can optionally get toontasks from the shop vendors as well.

Occasionally a cog will walk into a shop and take it over! The shop will turn into a cog building. You must defeat the building to get the shop to return. If you liberate the shop, your toon's portrait will be displayed inside the shop.

Tip: If the shop you need for a task is taken over and you can't liberate it, hop to another district to find one not taken over.

You will also find a Headquarters and fishing ponds on each street.

Estates / Homes

Home sweet home.

Back in your Shticker book on the map page there is a link saying "Go Home." Every toon has a home - which are called "Estates" in Toontown. Click the button on the map and away you teleport to your home, which you will see is one of six houses on your estate. The other five houses belong to other your toons on your account (if you have no other toons the houses will not have a name on them yet).

What can you do on your Estate? You can fish, garden, train your pet doodle. You can go and collect mail from your letter box. You can go inside your house and buy items from the Cattlelog, restock your jellybeans from your piggybank, or have fun arranging and rearranging your furniture.

Your first tasks

After you leave the Toontorial area, you are not allowed to come back.

HQ Harry tells you to ride the Trolley, but what exactly is the Trolley? The Trolley is located in the Toontown Central playground where you first enter the game after leaving the tutorial area. Trolleys are in each Playground, except the Toontorial Playground. Each trolley can hold up to four Toons. Hop on board the trolley and it moves off after a short count-down. The Trolley will then randomly select one of several different games to play. The reward for playing the Trolley games is jellybeans, the currency of Toontown. You must ride on the Trolley then return to see an officer in Toon Headquarters before you can get any other tasks to do.

But first Clerk Clara in the Gag Shop next to the Trolley would like to show you some more things about gags. She even gives a sneak preview of some bigger gags you can get later in the game. Buy some gags for yourself and then leave the gag Shop and go across the playground to the Toon Headquarters.

Once you're get back to the Toon Headquarters talk to one of the HQ officers. They inform you that a Cog has stolen one of their blackboard erasers, and send you to go fight your first cog battle and hopefully recover that eraser! To battle cogs you will have to go through the gates into one of the three streets that lead off the Playground - it does not matter which street you choose. Don't forget to go to the gag shop if you run out of gags and use the ice cream cones in the Playground to recover any lost laff.

When you return to Toon Headquarters, you discover that they're still not done showing you the various parts of Toontown. You're asked to make a friend first (only if you don't have any friends already), then a HQ officer tells Clarabelle to send you your first Cattlelog. Go to your estate by either using the Cattlelog button located next to your friends list or your Shticker Book and call Clarabelle by using the phone located inside your house.

Congratulations! You're finally done with the Toon-torial, and you've earned your first Laff boost!

What else?

Flippy already told you about the SpeedChat for communicating and how to use gags to defeat cogs. And we have given you a quick run through a few extras that you might need to know to start.

There is a lot more in toontown than what we have told you so far. And as you progress it gets a little more complex and we like to think a lot more fun. But this is just a basic guide to get you started. By all means read some more in the wiki here to see what is in store for you, but if you have read this article then you should have enough of an overview to get started with the game.

And remember, Have Fun!