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What is a Cattlelog?

A Cattlelog in Toontown is an item that all Toons receive after they complete the task of making a friend. At the top right of your screen, you'll see an icon featuring Clarabelle's head to the left of the friends icon. This will automatically transport you in front of your estate if you click on it.

Go inside your house, and then you will see a few furnishings, a bed, a bean bank, and a telephone. Run up to the telephone to call Clarabelle. You will be able to browse through the items she has for you. (Note: You can't use the telephone to call a friend or something.) Once you have called Clarabelle the icon for the Cattlelog disappears from the top right of your screen.

In the Cattlelog, you can order items for your estate, for you, and for others. You can also purchase an items such as: Speedchat Phrases, furniture, clothing, fishing rods, and bigger Jellybean Banks.

When you receive a delivery from the Cattlelog to your letterbox (which you will find is outside your house), or when a new Cattlelog is available, the Clarabelle icon will reappear at the top right of your screen, and an message alerting you will be displayed.

How long before my purchase arrives?
Item Time
Speed Chat Immediately
Name Tag Immediately
Clothing One Hour
Wallpaper, Wainscoting, Moulding, Flooring One Hour
Window Views Four Hours
Fishing Rod Twenty Four Hours
Furniture Twenty Four Hours

Cattlelog Series 1


This Cattlelog is available to you when you first join ToonTown. Although it is the first Cattlelog, there are many things to buy. Such as Speedchat Phrases, Acting Lessons, and Furniture.

Cattlelog Series 2


Cattlelog Series 3


Cattlelog Series 4


Cattlelog Series 5


Cattlelog Series 6


Cattlelog Series 7



Each of the 7 Catttlelog series' have repeats, like Series 1 is equal to Series 8 and so on.

  • Series 1 = Series 8
  • Series 2 = Series 9
  • Series 3 = Series 10
  • Series 4 = Series 11
  • Series 5 = Series 12
  • Series 6 = Series 13
  • Series 7 = Series 14