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Your estate is the large area you can call 'home'. Each Toon has their own estate. It is a wonderful place to relax and play.

In your Shticker book, on the map page, you may press the button to “Go Home". Each of your six character slots has a house on this estate. The color of the houses correspond to the background color behind the Toon’s head on the Toon selection screen. You may swim, fish, collect ice cream cones and invite other Toons to your estate. In your house is a bank that stores all of your extra jellybeans. You may add to or pull from the bank, which has a initial maximum capacity of 1000 jellybeans. While playing games, the overflow of jellybeans past your carrying capacity automatically goes to the bank. In your house is a closet that automatically stores your older clothes after you earn/purchase additional clothing. While in your house, other Toons may try on the clothes in your closet.

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