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When your Toon is created they will get a house to live in. In order to access your Toon's house first open your Shticker Book and go to the Map section. By clicking "Go home", your Toon will be transported to the front of it's house. Have your Toon enter the house so that you can begin organizing.

Moving And Rotating Furniture

Your Toon's house consists of two medium to small rooms that contain furniture. The furniture in the house can be moved and rotated.

When you are inside your Toon's home, a button will appear in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. By clicking this button you will enter "Moving Mode" which provides you with a bird's eye view of the house allowing you to look down upon the layout of the rooms.
In "Moving Mode", a list of tabs will come up on the left hand side of the screen. These tabs will help you as you organize your house and are further explained a little later on. When you see these tabs you can be assured that you are fully in "Moving Mode"

To organize your furniture, simply click on the item that you wish to rearrange. By clicking the furniture, the furnishing options will appear of the image of the item. You should see two arrows pointing left and right as well as the middle hand button. The left and right arrows allow you to rotate the item. Clicking on the middle hand button and dragging the item allows you to move the piece of furniture. When the middle hand button is clicked, it resembles a dot.


By clicking on every item in your Toon's house, you can rotate and move furniture in order to organize your home.

The Tabs

The Attic Tab

The Attic is where Toons can store furniture that they aren't using. Instead of getting rid of an unused piece of furniture, Toons have the option of putting it in their attic. The Attic tab shows Toons which items are in their Attic and allows them to move items in and out of storage.

To put an item in the attic, first click on the item. This brings up the rearranging menu that allows you to rotate and move the item. Clicking an item causes another button will appear next to the "Done Moving" button. This button appears as an arrow that points to the sloped roof. By clicking this button, the selected item will be sent to the attic.


To move items out of your attic and back into your house, simply click on the attic tab and select the item you want to insert. Clicking on the item will place the piece of furniture back into your house.

The Attic can be used as an organizational tool for Toons who like to deal with their funiture one piece at a time. Toons can put all their furniture into the attic and then select individual pieces to add and rearrange.

The Room Tab

This tabs lists all the items found inside the house. It does not include items that are stored in the Attic or have been put into the Trash (use the Attic and Trash tabs respectively to see these items). By clicking a piece of furniture on the list, you will be shown the item in the house.

As strange as it may seem, sometimes it can be tricky to find an item in your house. If such an event ever happens, remember to utilize this tab.

The Trash Tab

This is where you can get rid of items you no longer want or need. The Trash option is useful when you want to get new furniture but cannot until you get rid of some that you already have. To move an item into the Trash, click on the trash can icon just off the bottom of the Tab menu. You will now enter "Delete Mode" where clicking on an item will send it to the Trash. You will be asked if you are sure you want to delete and item before it gets sent to the trash.


Accessing the Grey Space in your home, and moving furniture into it!
As of 19 March 2006

Accessing the Grey Space

1. Buy a wardrobe if you don't already have one.
2. Align the wardrobe next to a wall, facing the wall.
3. Run to the corner of the Wardrobe.
4. You should be taken through the grey space, and be in the process of changing clothes.
5. Hit Cancel (Dressing). You're Done!


Moving Furniture
An easy way to move furniture into the grey area
1. Take whichever furniture you want to move into the attic.
2. Move to the grey slip (should be the leftside of the first room) that juts in. Drop the furniture there.

Moving Furniture To Custom Heights!

Requires this rug (or a similar rug)
1. Once you have the rug in the grey space, walk on it.
2. When you are on it, jump in the air, but while midair, move forward.
3. Now that you are floating higher in the grey, go into the attic, pick up the rug, and drop it again. It should now be higher.
4. Experiment moving Furniture all around!