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Current projects for the Toontown side.

Here are some projects currently in the works for our Toontown guide. We encourage editors to help us get these projects completed so we can start new projects and make our guides as complete as possible. There is always editing to be done! Editors are welcome to add proposed projects to this page and ideas/suggestions are always appreciated.

If you are not an editor but would like to help contribute to our guides, please visit the Disney Online Worlds forum on TTC. Also, be sure to post any mistakes found in our The Wiki Needs An Edit (Non-Editor Suggestions) thread on TTC.

Please contact UpInTheAir or Pudgey with any project specific questions you may have.

Trading Cards

The Unofficial Trading Card Guide was started some time ago, but only limited progress has been made. Pictures of cards are desperately needed and also the details from the cards themselves. There is also currently a discussion at Talk:Unofficial Trading Card Guide about how best to organise this series of articles. Your opinion would be welcomed.

Bossbot HQ

With the release of Bossbot HQ there is a whole section that needs to be written up properly. At present Bossbot Headquarters and most of its subsections ( Bossbot Stock Options , The Cog Golf Courses, The C.E.O are in need of expanding/editing. There is also a case to add an article on how to run the mazes as it is the most difficult part of the cog golf courses.

Other ToDo

Any of these are articles where we need some help to tidyup what has already been started.

  • Tips & Tricks - So where are the tips and tricks? This article doesn't actually give much in the way of tips or tricks! Lets add some rather than just have an index of links - most of which go to general articles rather than specifically to tips or tricks. Also the topic Leftovers needs definition or deletion - its an empty stub and has been for two years.
  • Cattlelogs - pics need to be consistent, and content very sparse (almost a stub).
  • Doodles - would benefit from a few pics of Doodles! Also should link a new page with the actual names that you can choose. (And isn't there a time limit on picking the name?)
  • Organizing Your House - pics layout needs some attention. Also should we be showing how to do glitches? Missing pic should be easy to get.
  • Cannons - needs Category(ies)
  • Fishing - bottom pic is too fuzzy to be really useful. Should external links be copied across to their own pages?
  • Special keys - needs to be linked to something/anything. Also more special sounds when chatting (eg "/" and "?")
  • Toontown Non-playing character - needs to be linked to something/anything. And expanded.
  • Streets - needs to be linked to something/anything. And Map pic updated to newer version.

There is a Category devoted to things to do - Category:Toontown Stubs. Feel free to select items from there that need work.

Hint: If you see an item that is a "stub" (ie needs a lot of expansion to be a true article) then add the {{Ttstub}} template to the bottom of the article and it will automagically be included on the ToDo list.