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C.E.O. is an acronym for Chief Executive Officer

Getting Started

Bossbot CEO Clubhouse entrance

Once you have completed your Bossbot Cog disguise and you have earned enough Stock Options, you are then ready to fight the CEO. The Banquet Room is the dark castle that is straight ahead from where you entered Bossbot HQ.

When you enter the Banquet Room, you will see a largely empty room with an elevator. Once you've organized a group of eight for the elevator, you are ready to go and fight the C.E.O. once and for all.

Obtain a new waiter disguise by defeating the cog waiters

Waiter Battle

When the elevator doors open, Good ol' Giggles (A pig Toon in a cog suit) greets you and tells you that you must obtain a waiter suit disguise by defeating the waiters standing close by. These cogs that you must battle are levels 9-12 and all are the new Version 2.0 Cogs. After defeating these cogs, all Toons will now be wearing a white cog suit or otherwise know as a waiter suit.

Cog Banquet Battle

Conveyor Belt with Cog food

After everyone has defeated the cogs and is wearing a waiter suit, the C.E.O. comes out of the big door and says, "What's taking so long? Get cracking and serve my banquet!". After saying that, the C.E.O. leaves and Good ol' Giggles proceeds to tell the Toons that they need to serve canned cog food to all the cogs attending this banquet. To give the Toons an advantage in battling the C.E.O., the cog food has been replaced with something that will make the cogs explode if they eat a total of 3 cans of the food. In the Banquet Room, there's 8 tables, each seating 4 Corporate Raider cogs for a total of 32 cogs that you can destroy before the C.E.O. battle. Like with the Chief Justice scale battle, the number of cogs increases when the average suit level gets higher. To add difficultly to the battle, there is a time limit of 5 minutes to destroy as many cogs as possible before battling the C.E.O. in the final battle. Any cogs that are not destroyed within the time limit must be battled before taking on the C.E.O. with the remaining toons.

Hungry Cogs demanding to be fed
During this battle, you might notice that a icon might be above some cogs heads. There are three icons that are shown above cogs heads. First there is the icon that looks like a can. It tells how much drink is left in that cog's cup and will flash red when his cup is nearly empty. Warning toons that he is nearly done and needs to be fed again soon. Second there is the icon that looks like a stomach, this means the cog is still hungry and must be given food again. When this icon first appears the cog will wave his hand indicating he wants more food. If he is not fed any food immediately, the stomach icon will get darker and if it is allowed to get red, the cog starts banging his fists on the table and then becomes angry. Continuing on with that last statement is the icon that looks like lightning, this means the cog is angry. If a cog is angry, then it will have to be fed 3 times again.

After the 5 minute time limit is up, the C.E.O. will say, "What's happening here?!" These waiters are Toons!". The C.E.O. then removes everyone's waiter suit. He then tells the remaining cogs at the banquet to get the Toons. The short battle starts with a level 12 version 2.0 The Big Cheese and then after it has been destroyed, the remaining cogs at the tables fly in and battle the Toons.

Once all the cogs have been defeated, it's time to battle the C.E.O. in this final round.

The C.E.O. Battle

TT Seltzer Table.jpg

Seltzer Bottles then appear on all the tables where the cogs where formerly eating. Also, golf balls appear in the lower area of the room. Using the bottles and golf balls against the C.E.O. is the only hope of winning against him.

To damage the C.E.O., run up to a table to operate the seltzer bottle. Aim it using the left and right arrow keys. To add distance and power to your shot, hold the CTRL key. The more the seltzer bar is filled, the farther it will go. Normally, the bar will be light blue, meaning that the shot will do 2 damage. If you charge the bar up to around 3/4, it will turn yellow, and the shot will do 4 damage. Just before the bar reaches the end [actually getting it to the end resets it], the shot will do 6 damage, and the bar will be red.

How to make a long shot in Golf
To reduce the amount of damage the C.E.O does, Toons can go to a golf ball. Hitting the C.E.O. with a golf ball slightly slows him down. A hit will be signaled by a colored puff of smoke on the C.E.O., and a sound effect. If you release the CTRL key when the bar is COMPLETELY filled, then it will slow down the C.E.O. much more than a regular golf ball would. The C.E.O.'s slowness is accumulative, and is measured by how red his treads are. If they are normal-colored, then he is not slowed down at all. If his treads are pink, then he will move slower, and attack less, but he is not fully slowed. If his treads are red, then he is extremely slow, and will rarely attack. Note that slowness wears off over time, so Toons must keep hitting golf balls at the C.E.O. to keep him slow.

The C.E.O. attacks Toons in a few ways. One way is to charge a Toon on a table. If a table is run over while a Toon is on it, the Toon will be damaged by 20, and he cannot attack or get off again until the C.E.O. gets off. Another way is to throw gears at Toons on tables, which is signaled by him looking at you, but appearing not to do anything. Thirdly, he can hit golf balls at Toons who are on ground level [not on tables]. His last, and most dangerous attack is Fore, which is signaled by him yelling "Fore!". During a fore attack, one stream of golf balls is sent towards each Toon. These golf balls, unlike the ones in the normal golf attack, can hurt Toons on tables. All of the attacks besides being run over do -15.

TT TU Snacks.png
The only way of Tooning up in this fight, besides unite phrases, is to eat the food which is now coming out of the conveyor belts. Apples heal +1, Cupcakes +2, Sandwiches +3, and Cake +4.

As the battle continues on, the C.E.O. will get stronger at certain points. After 20 minutes, the C.E.O. will say "It's time to reorganize.", and destroy one conveyor belt. His golf club will flash green, and his attacks will do -19 now. After 30 minutes, he will say "Now let's downsize.", and he will destroy the second conveyor belt. Now, he will do even more damage, which keeps increasing as time goes by. Note that being run over ALWAYS does -20, no matter how much time has gone by.

Once the C.E.O. is defeated, he will say "No! The chairman won't like this." "Aaaarrrrgghhh!" and then turn into a Flunky, which is not battled by the Toons.

Pink Slips

Pink Slips are the reward you get for defeating the C.E.O. By pressing the Fire button in a battle, you can fire a cog, which causes it to be removed from battle. Pink Slips also remove both forms of a Version 2.0 cog with only one pink slip. You still get credit for firing a cog.

The levels of the Toons battling the C.E.O. affect how many Pink Slips are awarded at the end.

Average Cogsuit Level = (Sum of cogsuit values) ÷ (number of toons)

Boss Cogsuit Chart.jpg

Table 1: List of cogsuit levels and values

Elevator with 8 toons of cogsuit levels and values:
Flunky 2 (2), Flunky 5 (5), Pencil Pusher 6 (10) Micromanager 7 (19), Downsizer 8 (24), Corporate Raider 8 (32), Big Cheese 8 (36), and a Big Cheese 13 (41).

Average Cogsuit Level = (2+5+10+19+24+32+36+41) ÷ 8 (number of toons present)
Average Cogsuit Level = 169 ÷ 8 = 21.1
An average suit level of 21 relates to a Donwsizer 5 CEO. This CEO would be similar to 8 level 5 Downsizer suits loading the elevator, or 1 single level 5 Downsizer.

TODO: Add more images, add The Dogfather's pink slip table/Cogsuit Levels and CEO Difficulty, more information and strategy for battle