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Renting a Cannon

To get access to cannons at your estate, you'll need to rent them from your cattlelog. The cannons cost 1000 jellybeans. Each rental gives you access to six cannons for a 48-hour (two day) period. You can also gift the cannons to any friend in your cattlelog.

Using a Cannon

Cannon control panel

If you want to use a cannon, walk up to a cannon and use the arrow keys or mouse to click the arrows on the control panel to aim. Press the CTRL key or use the mouse to click the red FIRE button on the control panel to fire your toon out of the cannon.

Pinball Mode

In Pinball mode, points are awarded for no important reason, just for fun. Objects like clouds, house roofs, the sky and estate barriers all act as bumpers. After you launch your toon out of the cannon and hit one of the bumpers, your toon will bounce off and continue to fly until they hit another bumper or hit the ground. Different objects are worth different amounts of points, multiplied by how many objects you've hit altogether. Your score will be displayed on a panel at the top of the screen. You'll also notice some popsicle sticks floating around. Hit one of those and you'll get a +3 toon-up!

Cannon Bullet Cannon Bumper = 100 points
Cannon Bullet Low Bumper clouds = 50 points
Cannon Bullet Medium Bumper clouds = 200 points
Cannon Bullet High Bumper clouds = 250 points
Cannon Bullet Toon-up Target = 350 points
Cannon Bullet House Roof = 100 points
Cannon Bullet House Walls = 50 points
Cannon Bullet Fence = 25 points
Cannon Bullet Bridge = 100 points

Before you hit a bumper object, your multiplier starts with 1. As soon as you hit your first object the points the object are worth are multiplied by 2. So if the first object you hit was a cloud, which is worth 50 points, you would get 100 due to the x2 multiplier when you hit your first object for that launch. Another example is if you hit a second object, your first and second object's points together will be multiplied by 3. So if you hit 2 objects, each worth 150, you would get 450 points for that launch.


You can also add an extra blue bumper cloud at any time while in flight by pressing the INSERT key.

Toon-up Mode

Cannon Timer
Target ball

While playing with the cannons, a timer will occasionally appear next the the cannon control panel; this is Toon-up mode. Try to aim your cannon at the red ball with white targets on it. The more you hit the ball, the more your laff points are tooned up. It might be good to have a couple friends over so they can contribute to hitting the ball and increase laff points. Try having all the toons aim for the red target ball when Toon-up mode comes on, but don't shoot. Wait until the next Toon-up round. Once the next Toon-up round begins, have all the toons fire at the target ball for the ultimate toon-up. If you still have time on the timer after, get into your cannon and shoot at the target ball again!

Score Panel

Score panel

The score panel is seen at the top of the screen at all times. It displays three bits of information:

  • High Score: The current score along with the name of the Toon who achieved it.
  • Your Best Score: Your current highest score.
  • Score: Your current score; the points you scored in your last shot. It resets once you get back into the cannon.