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Laff points are basically your health and your ability to withstand cog attacks. With more laff points, you are able to last longer in Cog battles and buildings in general. There are many ways to gain laff, and, conversely, also many ways to lose laff. Some toons, like Uber Toons stay at a lower laff for more of a challenge in the game. Most, however, try to gain laff boosts to try to make their health and defense better.
A Laff Meter

Ways to gain Laff points

Your Toon starts with 15 Laff points. Additional points to maximum Laff are obtained from some Task Rewards, Fishing, Gardening, Cog HQs, Goofy Speedway, and Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf.

The maximum Laff is currently 137. You can reach 100 Laff Points by completing all your tasks, then you can gain an extra 1 point for every 10 new Fish species you catch up to a maximum of 7 laff points, 4 for every 10 types of flower you discover, an additional 3 laff points for every 10 Goofy Speedway trophies you obtain, 5 laff points for completing your Cog Suit, at levels 15, 20, 30, 40, and 50 for Mr. Hollywood in Sellbot HQ, Robber Baron in Cashbot HQ, Big Wig in Lawbot HQ, and Big Cheese in Bossbot HQ and 3 laff points for every 10 Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf trophies you obtain.

Ways that Laff points can be restored

  • Turning in a ToonTask. This will restore all Laff points.
  • Laff will increase slowly by simply spending time in a Playground or in your estate. Rate: 1 point in 30 seconds.
  • When engaged in battle against Cogs with other players, a Toon's Toon-up Gag will restore a certain amount of Laff points to targeted Toons. See Toon-up in the Gags section for more.
  • Being near someone who says a "Toons of the World, Toon-up!" phrase for laff points.
  • Making your doodle perform a trick.
  • Flying through "Treasures" using cannons.
  • When engaged in battle against Cogs, either by yourself or with other players, either using an SOS card to call upon a shop keeper with a toon-up ability, or calling your doodle for help.


"Treasures" in the playgrounds are different, they include:

Ways to lose laff

As well as there being many ways to gain and restore laff, there are also many ways the Cogs have created to make your toon sad, or at no health level. These include:

  • Cog attacks, occuring after unlured cogs are attacked by toons
  • Goons, existing in areas such as the Sellbot factory, the Cashbot mint, the CFO, and the DA
  • Stompers
  • Spotlights, existing in Lawbot DAs