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Getting Started

Cattlelog Page (Click to Enlarge)
Gardening kits are available to order from the latest Cattlelog. The kit currently costs 50 jellybeans and arrives shortly after the order is placed.

Statues are also available to purchase through the Cattlelog. However, in order to order a statue, your toon must achieve a high enough gardening level. If your toon is not skilled enough to purchase a statue, a "Skill Too Low" note will appear on the images of the statues that cannot yet be purchased.
Once the package arrives in your mailbox, further explanations about about gardening and your tree locations, flower pots, and wheelbarrow will be provided. A statue base will also pop into view.
Statue Base (Click to Enlarge)
Wheelbarrow (Click to Enlarge)

Gardening Pages in the Shticker Book

In your Shticker book a new page for gardening will appear. The page is divided into a couple of different sections and lists your shovel and watering can points as well as the flowers you have picked and any special gardening items you may have.

The page is set up in a very similar fashion to the fishing page. If you are familiar with the fishing page, you will notice that the layout is basically the same with the exception of the Specials page.

Planting Flowers

Plant Flowers Box.JPG
Now you will want to plant some flowers and choose which gag trees you wish to grow. By gardening, you will be able to add some beauty to your Toon estate!
Note: Uber Toons are able to beautify their estates as well because they can just plant one of each flower over and over again. Since the bean combos only go to 8, players will never get the 10th flower and receive the dreaded extra Laff point as long as they only plant one flower of each level.

First, step up to YOUR flower box/pot and the option to start planting will appear where the chat/speedchat button is. To start planting, click on the "Plant Flower" button.

Choosing Beans

Next you will be asked to choose which beans to plant. You can either choose to figure out the beans to plant yourself or for some help see the Bean Combos section where the combinations are listed out for you. Once you plant something, you will get a screen similar to the following. As you choose your jellybeans, you may use the "Reset" button to remove your choices and start over or use the "Cancel" button if you decide you don't want to plant anything.Once you are happy with the selected combination of jellybeans, click on the "Plant" button.
Planting Flowers (Click to Enlarge)
Click to Enlarge
Once you plant something, a screen will appear to congratulate you and tell you the what you have just planted.

Watering and Removing

The next step is to water the flowers that you have planted. The soil around plants that already have been watered look different than those that require watering. A plant that needs to be watered will appear to have dry looking soil at its base.
Unwatered versus watered plants (Click to Enlarge)
Click to Enlarge
To water a plant, you must first walk up to it. There will be a menu that gives you the option to for watering. Click "Water" to water a thirsty plant. If you wish to remove a plant, select the "Remove" button from the menu options.
Wilted Flower (Click to Enlarge)
If you neglect to water your plants they will begin to wilt. However, by giving wilted plants a little water, they will spring back to life. Trees require a day to return to normal and the gags will return after two days. Flowers will be rejuvenated immediately.

On the first day of planting it is always a good idea to go around and top of your trees with a little water.

No matter when you plant them, flowers will grow at midnight Pacific time. This means you can plant flowers just a few minutes before midnight and they will still grow once midnight is reached.

NOTE: In order to see the growth cycle, go back to playground and then return to your estate

Planting Trees

In order to plant trees, you must first decide the type(s) of trees you wish to plant. There are eight locations that your toon can plant trees. Toons may not pick items off of trees other than their own. Little Toons tend to start with a broad tree base and then consolidate to one gag as they grow. Bigger toons usually go for one gag at a time.

To plant a tree, first walk up to a dirt mound and click PLANT TREE on your gardening panel. From here you will get to choose which gag to plant.

Remember, no matter what you plant, in order to have the higher gag trees active you need the lower gag trees planted first. This means that you must plant your level 1 gag tree before before you can plant a level 2 gag tree.

To receive an extra boost on your Fog Horn, you need to have all the lower sound gags planted and healthy.

Currently, it takes about 3 days for a Level 1 gag tree to mature and you will begin to receive the bonus a day before the tree produces gags.

Click to Enlarge
How can you tell if your bonus is active? A change will occur in your gag selection screen with the number of a the organic gag you are holding showing up in bold. For example, note the Aoogah seen in the image to the left.

Listed below are the added damage for the organic Gag bonus. You can also calculate the added damage yourself. Organic gags give a 10% increase in the gag's strength.

NOTE: Anything below 1 such as .3 will be rounded up to one. However, anything above 1 will only be rounded down.

Added Damages

The following values are for gags that are maxed for that particular level. If your gag isn't maxed then the actual value may be a little lower. By looking at the gag in the gag selection screen the damage will be listed with the bonus damage in parenthesis beside the damage value. This means a maxed Fog Horn will list Damage: 50 (+5).

  • Throw Gags
    • Level 1 +1
    • Level 2 +1
    • Level 3 +1
    • Level 4 +2
      • Will destroy a lured level 5 with lure bonus
    • Level 5 +4
      • Will destroy an unlured level 5
    • Level 6 +10
      • Will destroy an unlured level 9 and a lured level 11 with lure bonus
    • Level 7 +12
      • Will destroy unlured level 10's
  • Squirt Gags
    • Level 1 +1
    • Level 2 +1
    • Level 3 +1
    • Level 4 +2
    • Level 5 +3
    • Level 6 +8
      • Will destroy a lured level 10 with lure bonus
    • Level 7 +10
  • Trap Gags
    • Level 1 +1
    • Level 2 +2
    • Level 3 +3
    • Level 4 +5
    • Level 5 +7
      • Will destroy a level 7
    • Level 6 +18
    • Level 7 +19
      • Will destroy a row of level 12's
  • Sound Gags
    • Level 1 +1
    • Level 2 +1
    • Level 3 +1
    • Level 4 +1
    • Level 5 +2
    • Level 6 +5
    • Level 7 +9
  • Drop Gags
    • Level 1 +1
    • Level 2 +1
    • Level 3 +3
    • Level 4 +4
    • Level 5 +6
    • Level 6 +17
    • Level 7 +18
  • Toon Up Gags
    • Level 1 +1
    • Level 2 +1
    • Level 3 +3
    • Level 4 +4
    • Level 5 +7
    • Level 6 +12
    • Level 7 +21

Note: Planting lure will increase the accuracy of it hitting the cogs. Uber Toons may be very interested in taking advantage this fact in order to avoid the dreaded miss in the Skelecog round in the Sellbot VP fight.

Watering and Removing

Once you have planted your trees, you need to water them. A good tip for watering trees it to water each one eight times as a safety net in case you are unable to water them for a day or two.

Trees that haven't been watered don't wilt, however they will take on a dead appearance and look like trees you might see around Halloween. By giving them some water they will return to life once midnight Pacific time rolls around but gags will not reappear until two days have passed.

Trees grow at Midnight Pacific Time and each level has a different amount of days until the trees sprout gags.

Dead Tree (Click to Enlarge)
Dead Tree (Click to Enlarge)
Click to Enlarge
If you need to remove a tree that you have planted then walk right up to it and click REMOVE. If you have gags growing on your tree already, you will have to click PICK first, then REMOVE.

Some Trees

Toontanic (Click to Enlarge)
Choo choo (Click to Enlarge)

Days for Gags to Grow

  • Level 1 Trees = 3 days
    • Receive bonus on day 2
  • Level 2 Trees = 6 days
    • Receive bonus on day 5
  • Level 3 Trees = 9 days
    • Receive bonus on day 8
  • Level 4 Trees = 12 days
    • Receive bonus on day 11
  • Level 5 Trees = 15 days
    • Receive bonus on day 14
  • Level 6 Trees = 18 days
    • Receive bonus on day 17
  • Level 7 Trees = 21 days
    • Receive bonus on day 20

Picking Flowers

Pick Flowers
Once your flowers have grown the "Pick" option will replace the "Remove" option on the planting menu. You can choose to pick the flower by clicking the "Pick" button. Picking flowers places them in your flower basket and results in an increase of skill.

A message will ask whether or not you are sure you want to pick the flower. Click "Yes" to continue and pick the flower, click "No" if you decide not to pick the flower.

Click to Enlarge

Selling Flowers

After picking flowers, you can choose to sell your flowers. To do this, walk up to the wheelbarrow and you will see the flowers you have picked and how much you can sell them for. This is very similar to selling fish.

Selling Flowers (Click to Enlarge)

Shovel Skill and Statues

Shovel points are earned by picking flowers. Increasing your shovel points will allow you to plant flowers using multiple jellybeans. Once you have increased your points for a particular bean combination, you will no longer be able to earn points for lower bean combos. This means that if you are able to plant 3 bean combos, you can grow the one, two, and three bean flowers but you only EARN points for picking the three bean combos.

  • Receive Tin shovel in Gardening Kit
  • One bean combo 0 - 40 shoveling points
  • Two bean combo 41 - 80 shoveling points
  • Receive Bronze shovel
  • Three bean combo 0 - 80 shoveling points
  • Four bean combo 81 - 160 shoveling points
  • Receive Silver shovel
  • Five bean combo 0 - 160 shoveling points
  • Six bean combo 161 - 320 shoveling points
  • Receive Gold Shovel
  • Seven bean combo 0 - 320 shoveling points
  • Eight bean combo 321 - 639 shoveling points
Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge

Remember to check your Cattlelog every so often for statues that you may be able to purchase. This usually occurs after a shovel change.

Click to Enlarge

Planting Statues

To plant a statue, go up to a statue stand and click "PLANT ITEM" on the panel at the top left part of the screen. Next you will see the planting panel where there will be a box on the right side. Use the box's arrows to select the item you wish to plant. Once you find the item you want to plant, click on it. You must then plant the jellybean recipe required to plant the statue. Jellybean recipes used to plant an item can be found by looking in the Specials section in the gardening page in the Shticker book. After you put in the jellybean recipe, click PLANT and your statue will be planted.

Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge

Some Statues

Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge

UPDATE: As of 25 June 2008, toons with 639/639 shovel skill can plant a statue of themselves or one of their friends!

Water Skill

Each time you water a flower or tree that hasn't been watered fully, you will receive a watering point.

  • Small Watering can 0 - 99 points Will keep plants watered 1-2 days per water
  • Medium Watering can 100 - 199 points Will keep plants watered 3-4 days per water
  • Large Watering can 200 - 699 points Will keep plants watered 5-6 days per water
  • Huge Watering can 700+ points Will keep plants watered 7-8 days per water
Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge

Number of times you can water a new plant:

  • Small Can - 5
  • Medium Can - 3
  • Large Can - 2
  • Huge Can - 2

You can also water your other Toons' flowers/trees. However, you only have the option to water the plant. The option to plant, pick, or remove are only available for your own plants.

Water Only

Laff Points

Laff points are gained when you grow, pick, and sell 10, 20, 30, and 40 unique flowers. One strategy is to grow the different combos of flowers the first day of planting and then plant all the same until the next combo is active.

Laff Boost Dialog Gardening-Trophy--2.JPG

Bean Combos

If you want to find the combinations for yourself, look no further.


One Bean Combos

Two Bean Combos

Three Bean Combos

Four Bean Combos

Five Bean Combos

Six Bean Combos

Seven Bean Combos

Click to Enlarge

Eight Bean Combos

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