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Shortly after creating your Toon, you will receive your Shticker Book. This indispensable tool will aid you throughout your Toontown journey. Here you can access information about your toon, see your game progress, and learn where to find cogs.


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  • A - Use this button to turn the music on and off.
  • B - Use this button to turn the sound effects on and off.
  • C - When this feature is turned on, and someone asks to be your friend, they'll get a message that says "(Your Toon's name here) isn't looking for friends right now." Note: This setting is not saved, and defaults to accepting every time you log on.
  • D - This will allow you to change how Toontown is displayed. When you click it, a window will pop up. Set the resolution to however large you want your screen to be, and click the circle next to either In a window or Full screen, depending on which you want.
  • You can set Speedchat to one of these colors: purple, blue, cyan, teal, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, or brown.


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The district page allows you to switch from the district you are currently in to a new one. Each district is an exact replica of the Toontown world. Toons can only be in one district at a time. There are buttons next to each district's name to show how busy it is. A blue button means the district is quiet - odds are you won't see very many Toons in it. A green button means the district is busy - there are a lot of Toons in it to help you with your various tasks. A red button means the district is full - there are so many Toons in it that you can't switch into that district.

Special Districts

  • Red Districts - Chief Justice battles occasionally give out a cog invasion reward. People like to call these invasions in the red districts, so there is usually a constant invasion in them!
  • Welcome Valley - This is a sub-district which contains only Toontown Central and Goofy Speedway. Newly created toons are dropped into this district, as are toons who were in here when they last logged off. Cog Summons cannot be used here. When you go to another playground, you return to the parent district.

Toontown Map

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Go here for more information on Playgrounds

The map is used for information on where you've been, and how to get from Playground to Playground! When you first get your Shticker book, clouds will cover every section of the map except for Toontown Central. The other clouds will disappear as you discover each new area.

As your Toon grows, it will get Toontasks that will give it teleport access to various Playgrounds. The map page is your portal to using the teleport access - instead of the name appearing when you put your cursor over the playground, it will say "Go to <insert Playground>", and with another click, your Toon will throw down a hole and you'll be on your way! (Note - To get teleport access to Goofy Speedway, all you need to do is visit it. Also, there is no way to gain teleport access to any of the Cog Headquarters.)

If you click "Go Home", you will be taken to your Estate, which will be described in detail in another section of the Wiki.

The "Back to Playground" button is only visible when your are at your estate or on a street. If you're on a street, it will take you to the nearest playground (Minnie's Melodyland for Baritone Boulevard; The Brrrgh for Polar Place, etc.)


Go here for more information on Gags!

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This page is used to see how well your gags are doing. On the left is the progress until you get a new gag or your gag is maxed (10000), at level 7. If you highlight a gag, you can get information on its accuracy, how much damage it does, and how many of that gag you can carry. You can also get a similar screen by pressing the "Home" key when your Shticker book isn't open.

Also, you can see how full your jellybean jar is, but NOT how much it can hold. Don't forget you can hold more jellybeans in the bank at your estate! If your jellybean amount ever runs low, you can always go to your estate to refill the jar, and then go on the trolley or fish when you're not doing something with friends.

Gag Track Training

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As you do various Toontasks in some neighborhoods, you may receive an award of a gag track. You need sixteen of them in order to gain a new gag track. Fifteen of them can be earned through various tasks in the Neighborhood you are currently working in, but the sixteenth one is rewarded as part of a long series of tasks you have to do before you start working on tasks in the next Neighborhood. This page of the Shticker Book allows you check your progress with these tracks by showing an animation of your Toon using one of the gags!

Cog Gallery

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This is where you can keep track of the cogs! At first, this page will be completely blank. As you continue to fight the cogs, you will gain first the ability to see how many of a type of cog are on a street, and then how many cog buildings there are on the street!

In order to see how many cogs are on a street, you need to have defeated the first batch of cogs (30 of the first type, up to 1 of the last type), and the click on the cog symbol on the far left of the gallery. The same thing holds for being able to see how many cog buildings are on the street you are on, except the numbers need to be maxed (as in the photo on the right).

Also, when you receive your reward from the Chief Justice battle in Lawbot Headquarters, this is where you go to use it. Discussion of the rewards will stay to the Lawbot HQ page, but you'll see a little button over a picture of a cog on here. To use the reward, click said button, then click which option you want to use.

Fishing Information

Go here for more information on Fishing!

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The three pages that make up the fishing section of your Shticker Book are used to, well, track your fishing progress! The first of three pages is for basic information - what fish are currently in your bucket and your rod size. The second page is your trophy page! Every time you catch another ten fish, you get another trophy. You can work your way from being a Guppy to a Killer Whale! Finally, the last page is your fish album. Organized by general type of fish (see the Fishing page for far more information on this), this is where you can see what fish you have caught already and how many out of seventy you have caught. It does not, however, give you the names of the fish you haven't caught.

Kart Information

Go here for a lot more information on Goofy Speedway and racing!

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This page, like fishing, is split into three separate sections. The first page is where you can change your kart with the various accessories you buy at the Speed Shop. The second page, "Records", shows you your best time on each track. Use this keep track if how well you're doing. With more practice, you may be able to get on the Top Records! The third page, "Trophy" is used to keep track of what trophies you have. There are thirty-three overall (three of them are awarded when you get ten, twenty, and then thirty trophies). Like fishing, you do not know what the trophies you are missing are, but you may be able to guess easily.

Be sure to read the Goofy Speedway page for more information about how to get all the trophies and accessories!

Cog Disguises

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Go here for far more information on Cog Headquarters!

Here you can see how your cog disguises are progressing! At first you will have nothing, but as you journey through Toontown, you will complete your disguises and be able to infiltrate the various Cog Headquarters! Once you get your disguise, this page becomes your way of tracking your cog type/level and how close you are to a promotion. Click on the tops at the far right of the page to look at your different suits.

SOS Toons

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Complete list of all SOS Toons, and more information about them.

This page of your Shticker book is used to show you which Toons you currently have from your VP wins. You can only hold eight at a time, so be sure to have an empty slot for the next time you go to VP! There isn't much to say here - each photo says what the SOS Toon does, the stars show the "power" of the SOS (a Toon who gives a three star Toon-up does not heal as much as a Toon who gives a five star Toon-up), and you can see who the Toon is.


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For more detailed information about gardening, click here.

Anyone with a green Toon thumb will often find themselves on this page of their Shticker book. It's only here that you can find information about what's currently in your gardening basket, your progress is gardening, and what special gardening items you have. As you get more and more flowers, you'll also, much like fishing, gain new trophies to brag about! Don't forgot to keep track of your shovel skill, that's the only way you'll know if you can plant new flowers. Every ten new flowers, you'll get a one point Laffboost! Once you reach forty flowers, you have maxed gardening!


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Go here for more information about mini-golf!

This page of your Shticker book is for you to keep track of your mini-golf records - one tab, as shown in the picture to the right, will keep track of your personal best stroke for each hole and course. The other tab will show you the various trophies you have earned from your golfing. Can't remember how close you are to another trophy? No problem! Just highlight one of the other trophies in the group, and you'll see how many more shots/courses you need to get that next Laffboost!


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This final page of your Shticker book is noted with a party hat, where are your party information is located. There are three tabs in this page, which are the Calenders Tab, the Hosting Tab, and the Invitation Tab. The first section organizes your events; it lists all weekly events and the parties you are attending and hosting. The second section shows your next party's date, guests, activities, and decorations. The last section displays all the parties you have accepted invitations and their activities.


When the max gags were increased from 6 to 7, this change was reflected in the Gag page of the Shticker Book with an additional slot being added. Previously the Gag page appeared as follows:

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