Cog Headquarters

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There are said to be four Cog Headquarters in the game of Toontown; one in each corner of Toontown:

SHQ Bullet‎ <linkedimage> wikipage=Sellbot Headquarters tooltip=Sellbot Headquarters img_src=Image:SHQ.jpg img_alt=Sellbot Headquarters </linkedimage>

CHQ Bullet‎ <linkedimage> wikipage=Cashbot Headquarters tooltip=Cashbot Headquarters img_src=Image:$HQ.jpg img_alt=Cashbot Headquarters </linkedimage>

LHQ Bullet‎ <linkedimage> wikipage=Lawbot Headquarters tooltip=Lawbot Headquarters img_src=Image:LHQ.jpg img_alt=Lawbot Headquarters </linkedimage>

BHQ Bullet‎ <linkedimage> wikipage=Bossbot Headquarters tooltip=Bossbot Headquarters img_src=Image:BHQ.jpg img_alt=Bossbot Headquarters </linkedimage>