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Toontown CogHQV.jpg Cog Headquarters CogHQV.jpg Sellbot Headquarters CogHQV.jpg The V.P.


Getting Started

Once you have all 10 sellbot suit parts and enough merits to be ready for promotion, enter the doors across from the pit. Be careful because there will be cogs entering and exiting these doors, but once you get inside there are no more cogs.

VP Entrance

The VP elevator will hold up to 8 toons. When you are a new player, it is best to enter with as many other toons as possible, but some of the more experienced players enjoy smaller elevator loads and some have even been known to solo the VP! It is important not to click the HOP OFF button unless you are really sure because you will not be able to re-board unless the entire elevator empties or leaves.

After the doors close, you will be taken down into the VP Battle area, where your group will split into two equal sides to battle cogs. At this point, a toon in a cage, called an SOS Toon, will wave to you. This is the toon you'll be rescuing. A list of SOS Toons can be found Right here. Your cog disguise will then be blown off and you will need to battle cogs varying from size 1 all the way up to size 12. When all cogs are defeated on both sides, a ramp will form and the VP will roll up to the top of it and position himself under the cage. There is no need to follow him.

At this point, you will enter the skelecog round, and your group will again be split off into two equal sides for battling the skelecogs, ranging from level 8 up to level 12 cogs.

The Big Fight

After defeating these cogs, the VP will turn as the toon in the cage gets your attention again.

After the shopkeeper is done talking, the fun part comes. Jump up into the toon's cage. You'll receive pies!

See that new blue button with a pie on it? Click it; You'll throw a pie! Hold it down longer/shorter to make the blue bar under it go up/down. The more the bar is filled, the more straight it goes. The more the bar is empty, the more nearer it goes. Another way to throw a pie is by pressing the insert key. You get unlimited (Well, I for one have never ran out) pies, so don't worry about wasting them.

At this point, you have three things to do. (But, just to let you know, the front of the VP is closest to the toon in the cage. The back is the side facing away from the cage)

1) Confuse the VP. Go to the back (Or front, most people prefer back) of the VP and wait for his cage under him to open. If you don't get hit by the gears, try to throw a pie in it. Boom, he's dazed if someone, including you, gets a pie in there from either side. He'll be dazed for a short while. Repeat this process as he gets undazed. While he's dazed, you can go to the front of the VP and go back to job two; then come back to this job if he's undazed. Or just move to another job. Or, just stand by until he gets undazed again.

2) Fight the VP. While people on the above job are throwing pies into the VP's cage, go to his front side. (This is not an option, you MUST be at his front side) When he gets dazed (Birds fly around his head), throw pies at his body! Be quick when you do this, before he's undazed! When he gets undazed, you can move to the job 1 or 3, or stand by for when he gets dazed again.

3) Toon up others. This job isn't taken often, and because of that, toons go sad. The VP does fight (See below), and you cant use gags to heal others. What can you do? Throw pies! Check toon's Laff points often. If you see them getting low, stand close to them. Throw pies at their bodies. For every pie you throw, they gain a laff point. Usually, toons will say "I need more laff points", "Help!", or "I need a toon-up" if they're in their doom state.

The VP attacks! Watch out for the VP. He attacks in many ways...

* If the VP's front or back hatch opens: Jump right before the gears get to you, or run as far as you can to the left OR the right. (-2)

* If the VP starts to spin his upper body around: Run away quickly; or take the damage. When he spins, he releases tiny gears that hit your toons head (Ouch!) which take away a few laff points; Nothing too bad. But always something to keep away from. (-3)

* If the VP starts throwing gears: Move out of the way of the gears! Or, try jumping at the correct time to avoid the gears. (-3)

* If the VP sits down when not stunned: Run behind him or as far away as you can get. He swipes down with his arm. This only happens when someone runs into the front of him. (-5)

* If the VP starts to jump in the air: Jump right before hits the ground! If you're on the ground when he lands, he will take away a LOT of laff points! (-10)

The VP will start rolling up the hill if he doesn't get dazed soon. He'll get faster and faster when he starts to move; But he won't move very quickly unless you don't do anything with him - So as long you and your group isn't lazy, you don't have to worry about this.

If a toon goes sad, it happens. It's pretty special for a group to lose at least one toon - But a lot of the better toons with more experience prevent it from happening as often.

The objective is to keep dazing the VP, keeping toons healthy, and hitting him with pies. He'll start moving backwards when you hit him with pies. Keep hitting him until he's gone over the edge. When he goes over the edge, you win!

After this, go get a cup of chocolate milk or something. It'll display, just like any other cog battle, what gag experience all eight toons gained, which might take awhile. It will also show if any toons completed any toontasks.

The Reward

After the dance when all gag and toontask credit is tallied, you will be transported in front of the open cage. The toon in the cage, or SOS Toon, is the reward for your battle. You may only use each card once, but you are able to collect duplicates to "stack" them. You can find a list of your available SOS Toons in your ShtickerBook.

SOS Page
To use one of your SOS Cards in battle, you simply choose SOS from the gag choice menu during your turn. You will then have the option to choose to call for help from a friend, your doodle, or an SOS Toon. Click on the SOS Toon from your inventory that you want to call. The appropriate SOS Toon will pop up in order. SOS/gag order is as follows: Toons Hit or Cogs Miss is first, followed by toon-up, trap, lure, sound, throw, squirt, drop.