Sellbot Headquarters

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Sellbot HQ Courtyard

The Cogs have had enough of Toon interference in their attempt to take over Toontown and have built a headquarter for the Sellbots on the outskirts of Toontown! However, not only are they using this Headquarters to produce Sellbot Cogs 24/7, they're also taking Shopkeeper Toons hostage! Toon HQ is asking the best and brightest toons to go infiltrate Sellbot HQ and bring a stop to this madness!

The Cogs have taken many extra precautionary measures to prevent toons from getting too far. Many cogs patrol both the pit area and the Factory, and new types of Cogs - Goons and Skelecogs - can be found in the factory. Be careful to avoid the light on the goons, or you'll lose laff!

Work your way up to the top of the Factory and defeat the Supervisor in order to steal a piece from the Factory towards your Cog suit. Once you have all ten pieces, you can enter the V.P.'s lobby, but be sure to get merits before going to visit him - he's a busy Cog, and does not have time for anyone who is not ready for a promotion!

Once you rescue a shopkeeper, they will give you the ability to call on them in a battle. Next time you need help, just click SOS and call one of your SOS Toons. Be careful, you can only use each SOS Toon once!

For more information on the Sellbot Factory or The V.P., please see their respective page!