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Toontown CogHQV.jpg Cog Headquarters CogHQV.jpg Sellbot Headquarters CogHQV.jpg Sellbot Cog Factory


Factories are the first step to fighting the Sellbot Boss (VP). This will be explained more about later.

Factories contain many Sellbot Cogs with a medium to high level range of Cogs with the levels 4, 5, and 6. The hardest you'll find is the Foremen; a level 9 Cog you find at the end of the Factory. That's where you need to get to him.

To start of, go into the main Sellbot HQ pit, which is shown on the picture on the left.

Go to the right. You'll see a whole big place of endless Cog stuff. Just go straight ahead, avoiding the Cog's path, and go into the little tunnel shown in the picture below. Then go into the front Factory. (After exiting the tunnel, take a right-up angle until you reach an elevator)

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Getting Started

SBHQ Elevator Limits.png

There is no elevator laff limit for the front entrance to the Sellbot Factory, allowing new toons to explore, however there is a 31 laff limit to get into the side entrance.

Now, you should be at an elevator. Simply walk into it with three other friends. Your now in a Factory!

Again, you need to find the Foreman. Just fight the cogs in the Factory, find your way through all the obstacles in the Factory until you reach the Foreman, a level 9 Skelecog. A guide through the factory in a more explained matter can be found in the Wiki soon.

After defeating the Foreman, you get one of ten Sellbot Cog Parts. Once you have all 10 sellbot suit parts and enough merits to be ready for promotion you are ready to battle the VP!. The Factory is for dealing with a larger amount of Sellbots than the amount you normally find in buildings.

Sellbot map.png