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Toontown offers many opportunities to challenge yourself as a player. You can have a simple goal like Uber Toons who aim to beat one particular Bossbot, or you can pick from any number of challenges built into the game. The following are some of the principle goals built into the game.

Max Toon

Neighborhood tasks will take a Toon up to 100 Laff. It is possible to get 'bugged' at less than 100 Laff. If you have 250 jellybean capacity (max), can carry 80 gags (max), have finished all the rest of the tasks you had when you finished those two tasks, and can no longer get tasks for Laff (all tasks are ‘Just For Fun’), send feedback to Toontown. They can bring you to 100 Laff if you are 'bugged'.

Additional Laff points are available from:

  • Bossbot Battles
    • progressing through Mr. Hollywood Sellbot suit (5 Laff);
    • progressing through Robber Baron Cashbot suit (5 Laff);
    • progressing through Big Wig Lawbot suit (5 Laff);
    • progressing through Big Cheese Bossbot suit (5 Laff);
  • Fishing (7 Laff; 1 per 10 fish);
  • Gardening by planting flowers (4 Laff; 1 per 10 flowers);
  • Racing and collecting all the trophies at Goofy Speedway (3 Laff); and
  • Golfing and collecting all the trophies at Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf (3 Laff).

The current total highest Laff is 137 Laff points.

Max Gags

Your gags will max at 10000 points. After doing this with all six of your gag tracks, you can be considered to have "Maxed Gags".

At 10000, you will gain your level seven gags which are the strongest of their track. Instead of the normal 9999/10000, you will see 500 to go! or how many gag experience points you need to get to the next level seven gag. You will need to get 500 experience points before receiving your next level seven gag.

Also, level seven gags cannot be bought in the gag shop - you must earn them by getting 500 experience points or picking them from their respective gag tree if you choose to plant the gag in the garden at your Estate.

Just For Fun

A max Toon can take 'Just For Fun' tasks to alter their appearance (i.e. invisible Toon, transparent, no color, etc). Although the tasks may take a long time (i.e. 200 or 400 or 600 or 1000 cogs) , the altered appearance lasts for 30 days. As maxed Toons are often working on their Sellbot and Cashbot suits, and running through buildings, factories and mints for Sell Merits and Cogbucks it is possible to make steady progress on these tasks in a reasonable amount of time.

While the rewards are 'Just for Fun' a side effect is that you are Tooned up to your full Laff when you complete a task. Handing in a task is a quicker way to get back to 120 Laff after going sad than doodle tricks or running round playgrounds looking for treasures!

Stars / Toon Platoon Leaderboard

Stars above the head of Toons are earned by taking over cog buildings. Points are earned at one per floor and apply only to that one district.

  • 10 points: Bronze star
  • 20 points: Spinning bronze star
  • 30 points: Silver star
  • 50 points: Spinning silver star
  • 75 points: Gold star
  • 100 points: Spinning gold star

The top ten Toons currently online with the most points in that district will have their names and corresponding star appear on a blackboard in each HQ of that district.

Purchasing from Cattlelogs

Jellybeans can be used to purchase clothing, emotions, SpeedChat phrases, acting lessons, fishing rods, doodle training phrases and items for the Toon’s home.

Helping Hand (a.k.a help-a-noob tasks)

A max Toon is the best friend a new Toon can have. Many feel that the best Toons in the game are the ones who regularly lend a helping hand even though they have no Laff or gag to gain from the assistance they provide. Disney however provides some help-a-noob tasks which encourage Toons to help newer or lower Laff Toons.

Cog HQ

Fighting the Bossbots at the Cog_Headquarters is a challenge - but fighting them often enough to "Max" that particular Headquarters shows true determination.

Currently have access to:


With 23 fishing spots, 70 species of fish, and 5 rods to choose from, Fishing is the sport for the hardcore Pokemaniac playing Toontown. Earn a trophy and a Laff-boost for every 10 new species of fish caught! And don't forget Wednesdays, cause that's when Fishing Bingo takes place! You can sell fish at your estate during Bingo.

For more information see: Fishing


Grab your windjammers and the keys - we're going Racing! With Goofy's Stadium finally revealed to be Goofy's Speedway, G.S. allows up to 4 toons to race head-to-head in six different tracks with two directions! Race to win tickets, which is the currency of Goofy's Speedway, and trophies!

Tickets can be used to buy different karts and accessories for your current kart! So, what are you waiting for? On your marks, get set, go!

For more information see: Goofy Speedway


Located in Donald's Dock, Acorn Acres is the newest playground! You can chill on the Picnic Benches, get soaked on the Geyser, or do some old fashioned Mini-Golf. To play, just choose a course, jump into a corresponding minigolf cart, and away you go! Up to 4 Toons can play together on a course. Play to win trophies, and the feeling of satisfaction of winning against your fellow Toons!

After playing, you can win up to 30 Mini-Golf trophies! Every 10 trophies will win you +1 laff-boost, so get on out there, and putt, putt, putt!

For more information see: Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf