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About Goofy Speedway

  • Before its release in 2005, many believed it to be named "Goofy's Stadium", and that it would be like the other playgrounds. Well, toons everywhere were in for a big surprise!
  • To get to Goofy Speedway, find the big tire next to the Clothing Shop in Toontown Central.
  • Toons start off with 200 tickets, enough to get a Cruiser (Left), then later have the choice to pay 2,500 tickets for a Toon Utility Vehicle (TUV, Top), or pay 7,500 for a Roadster.
  • There are 24 different types of races you can have: 6 different practice races, 6 practice races that have been reversed, 6 standard races, and 6 standard races that have been reversed.
  • Even though there are only 12 tunnels, there are still 24 different kinds of races you can have. Make sure to look at the sign over the tunnel to see which track you're racing on!
  • Toon Battle races are unlike practice ones. In practice, you get 20 tickets just for qualifying. In Toon Battle, the number of tickets you win depends on what place you come in. Also, if you beat a track record, you can get bonus tickets!
  • Once you've gotten a kart, a new page with three different tabs will appear in your shticker book!
  • Walk up to a stage to show off your kart! (Below)
  • You can also gain Laff Points at Goofy Speedway. You can gain up to three laffpoints by getting trophies. To get trophies, do well in races!



Press the up arrow on your keyboard to move forward! But be careful, if you don't keep it down, you'll stop! As long as your finger's there, it'll move! For those of you who aren't good at turns, it's advised that you release the up arrow for a moment to slow down a bit and make the turn a bit easier. Press the Ctrl (Control) key on your keyboard to use a gag!


  • Banana Peel - Being the most common gag, this little thing is easy to avoid, but when you hit it, you can slow down a lot! Press Control to drop it onto the track, and wait for some unsuspecting victim to get slipped up!
  • Pie - Press Control to throw the pie at your opponent! If they get a "SPLAT!" then their screen will be covered with pie! It's like racing with a blindfold if you get hit, since the pie covers most of the screen!
  • Anvil - This is by far the most annoying gag of the four. When Control is pressed, an anvil will fall down on the person in first place, stopping them completely, even in mid-air! If someone drops an anvil while the first place toon is crushed with another, the second place toon will get crushed, and so on.
  • Speed Boost - This is probably the best item you can get in a race! Sure, anvils can slow down others, but this speeds you up! It's these little things that give lucky toons the bonus credits for setting new records! Blast your way into the lead by using this while running over a speed boost on the track to increase speed even more!

Race Tracks

Large image racetracks2.jpg
  • Screwball Stadium - A basic triangular race course.
  • Corkscrew Coliseum - At first glance, this track may look the same as Screwball Stadium, but as you race, it won't be long until you find out what sets this track apart from the rest!
  • Rustic Raceway - Up and down you go! This bumpy country road has a lot of hills, cows, and farms! Here's a little secret: In the background, beyond the gate that keeps you in the track, you can see houses. These were actually the original houses on test, way back before estates!
  • Airborne Acres - You thought Rustic Raceway had a lot of hills? Well this race track will send you to the skies! With so many hills and speed boosts, it's a wonder how you never crash into the trees in this area's unique forest!
  • City Circuit - Be careful not to crash into a shop window on this track! It doesn't matter if you're flying off the insanely steep (and short) highway, or losing your cell phone connection when going through a tunnel, one thing's for sure: This track is not for beginners!
  • Blizzard Boulevard - If you thought City Circuit was tough, then you're going to have it rough here! Blast through The Brrrgh and try to hit the speed boosts and presents, which seem to be harder to get in this place. Also, you'll need to think fast when you have to choose between the speed boost on one side, and the presents on the other!

Grand Prix

"Every Monday is the Toontown Grand Prix! Win BIG tickets by racing in a tournament-style competition against other Toons. All day -- every Monday! Start a race at any Toon Battle starting block, and you will automatically enter one of two Grand Prix Circuits. Each Circuit will consist of three consecutive races:

Circuit One: City Circuit, Screwball Stadium, Rustic Raceway

Circuit Two: Blizzard Boulevard, Corkscrew Coliseum, Airborne Acres

Winners will be determined by total points. Points are awarded based on final standing at the finish of each race. Points are totaled at the completion of the three races. "

- Toontown Official Player's Guide


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