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Originally intended to be used to buy only gags, jellybeans have grown in uses over the years. They come in countless colors and flavors, and apparently never go bad. Also, they do not seem to dissolve in water.


Known as the "funny money" of Toontown, jellybeans are usually used for purchasing things. They can be used to buy gags, emotions, furniture, doodles, estate cannons, and gardening kits. They cannot, however, be used to buy Karts and Kart accessories.

According to a "Great Moments in Toontown" trading card, they became the currency of Toontown as the result of one of Goofy's goof-ups. It says that he mistakenly sent the jellybean-making machine to the Toontown Mint, believing it to be the place where mint chocolate was made. As a result, toons now use jellybeans as currency, and eat chocolate coins. If this story is true, then that would mean that jellybeans should be made of metal, since the coins apparently changed in substance due to the changing of machines. However, if the coins were planned to be made of chocolate from the beginning, this would not be a problem.

Also, it is unclear whether or not cogs consider jellybeans of any value. While on one hand, cogs keep jellybeans in barrels within their HQs and have appointed Bean Counters, on the other they are lured by real-life money and are described as being unable to stand the taste.


In fishing, jellybeans are used as bait. Each rod requires a different number of jellybeans in order to be used, with higher-ranking rods requiring most.

The jellybean requires as follows:

  • Twig Rod: 1
  • Bamboo Rod: 2
  • Hardwood Rod: 3
  • Steel Rod: 4
  • Gold Rod: 5

Fish can be sold to fishermen and pet shop clerks to obtain jellybeans. More information on the selling prices of fish can be found on the fishing page.


Going along with the humorous theme that Toontown has, jellybean inexplicably sprout flowers when planted in the ground. The color and species of flower depends on the combination of jellybean colors used. Beginning gardeners can only use two beans in combinations, but those with advanced gardening tools can use up to eight. Jellybean combinations and flower selling prices can be found on the gardening page.


No matter how long they have been sitting in your Toon's jar, Doodles will eagerly eat up any jellybeans you have with you. Feeding them to your Doodle is a quick way to increase their happiness, and is the most effective way of easing it's hunger.