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Do you have a cat or dog or some other kind of pet? Well, your Toon can have a pet too! Doodles are a nice addition to any Toon's estate; boy or girl, tall or short. You can get Doodles from affordable price ranges to costly ones, depending on which playground you buy it from. You can adopt a Doodle from one of the pet shops found in a playground. Each shop's Doodles are randomly generated every day, giving you a wide selection. Once you've found the Doodle you like, you can choose a name from a list, and then pay up the adoption fees. Viola, you now have your very own Doodle!
But wait, there's more! You can also buy "pets training" phrases off the Cattlelog to increase the amount of tricks you can get your Doodles (and your friends') to do! Successfully pull off a trick and you and nearby Toons gets Tooned up! Additionally, you can now call on your Doodles to help Toon you up during battles!
The only downside to Doodles is that in order feed your Doodle and keep it happy, you must give it actual jellybeans.

Buying your Doodle

Tt all six doodles shops.jpg

To get a Doodle, find the nearest pet shop. There's one in every playground, and each is shaped like a fire hydrant. In Toontown Central, it's a yellow fire hydrant. In Donald's Dock, it's a red fire hydrant, and so on. The pet shops are NOT available in Goofy Speedway, any street, or the Cog Headquarters.

Enter the shop with a smile upon your face, and walk up to one of the three clerks. They'll ask you to Adopt a Doodle, Return your Doodle, or Sell Fish. Click 'Adopt a Doodle'.

Tt image nameyourfriend.jpg
You'll get a pretty good choice of Doodles. The Doodles switch through every two or three days to different ones. Don't worry about trying to find the Doodle you want in a different gender, since you always get to choose between boys and girls of a certain breed of Doodle. Their traits tell you how the Doodle acts. Ones from Donald's Dreamland are usually spoiled from what most people think, so it's hard to train them(but this has yet to be confirmed, since they're suppose to follow the traits you see listed when you're purchasing it). On the other hand, ones from Toontown Central are usually sleepy and confused, so it's hard to train them too. But, any Doodle can be trained. So choose a Doodle from any playground, with the traits and looks you like, and buy him/her!

Each playground has different pet shops, right? So every pet shop has different Doodles. The better they are, the more expensive they are. The worse, the cheaper.

If you want to know what the prices for Doodles are at the moment before going hunting down the prices per playground, here's a estimated list;

  • Toontown Central Doodles - 100 to 500 Jellybeans (Most affordable for new Toons)
  • Donald's Dock Doodles - 600 to 1,000 Jellybeans (Better for semi-new Toons)
  • Daisy Gardens Doodles - 1,100 to 1,900 Jellybeans (Great for people who gain a good amount of Jellybeans)
  • Minnies Melodyland Doodles - 2,000 to 2,500 Jellybeans (Better for the higher Toons)
  • The Brrrgh Doodles - 2,600 to 3,500 Jellybeans (Awesome for even higher Toons)
  • Donald's Dreamland Doodles - 3,600 to 5,000 Jellybeans (Experts only!)

After selecting a Doodle to buy, let's name it! But keep in mind that unlike naming your Toon, you can only give it a first name picked from a list.

Not sure what to name your doodle? Check out the full list of Doodle names.

Unfortunately, you cannot type in a Doodle name. After giving it a name, open your shticker book and go to your estate!

Main Interactions

After buying a Doodle, let's learn how to interact with it!

Click on your Doodle. Just like a Toon, a window pops up in the upper-right hand corner. It's a little smaller than a Toon window, though. It should have "Feed", "Scratch", and "Call" on it. If "Feed" and "Scratch" are blocked out, use the "Call" command (Click on it) and you're Doodle will come near you, letting you use the Feed and scratch commands.

  • To feed your Doodle, simply click the "Feed" button. They will take one jellybean from your jar.
  • To scratch your Doodle, press the "Scratch" button. This makes them happier and more excited.

If you're at another Toon's estate, and they have multiple Doodles, you can see which belongs to which Toon by clicking on the bad icon in a Doodle's profile.


Tt image petemotions.gif

They have emotions to tell you when they need certain things...

  • Excited

If a Doodle has an Exclamation mark above his or her head, he/she's excited to see you or another Doodle.

  • Hungry

If a Doodle has a Chicken bone above his or her head, he/she's hungry. Use the "Feed" command.

  • Angry

If a Doodle has a Storm cloud above his or her head, he/she's angry. This could be because of not being feed enough, not being played with or given attention to, or doesn't like what a Toon around him/her just said. (You stink!)

  • Affectionate

When your Doodle has a heart over the head, that means the Doodle is getting lots of attention, or likes the person/Doodle he/she is standing by a lot. (Affectionate is another word for love)

  • Lonely

Most people don't see this emotion. When three dots are on top of his/her head, move in some Doodles; Or invite a friend and his/her Doodle to come play. (See More than one Doodle below)

  • Sad/upset

Most people don't see this one either. When a sad face is over the Doodle, anything could be wrong. The Doodle could be not getting much attention, not enough food, or maybe some Toon's words made it upset. Anything could've gone wrong.

  • Confused

When a Doodle is trying to do a trick, sometimes he/she may not know it. So then he/she has a question mark above the head for a second or two.

  • Happy

Most people don't see this emotion. When a Doodle is getting a lot of attention, it makes a happy face over him or her to tell he or she is happy.

  • Tired

After running around a whole lot, or doing tricks so many times, your Doodle gets tired. Simply scratch and/or feed him/her a couple of times, or just wait until he/she gets untired.

  • Neutral

Sometimes a Doodle is just normal. When a Doodle has nothing above it's head, it's just normal, or neutral.

Phrase Interactions

Tt image doodlefeelings.jpg

After buying a Doodle, you get a new category in your Speedchat phrases called "Pets". It includes...

  • Tricks (Read below on how to use these)
    • Jump
  • Good Boy!
  • Good Girl!
  • Here Girl!
  • Here Boy!
  • Stay
  • Please don't bother me
  • Nice Doodle.

All of the above will help interact with your Doodle. Also, phrases like the below will also have the Doodle respond to it...

  • You rock!
  • You are Awesome!
  • You guys are great!
  • You are a genius!
  • Follow me.
  • This way.
  • No

But then there are phrases that Doodles will have bad reactions to, so don't let your friends OR you say these phrases, unless you want an unhappy Doodle...

  • You stink!
  • Don't be mean!
  • That wasn't nice!
  • Please go away!
  • (Category: Emotions) Angry Emotion

...So use these phrases as necessary.


Tt image playdead.jpg

In your Cattlelog, you might come across Doodle trick phrases, like beg or speak. If you buy them, you can teach your Doodle these tricks.

When you buy a Doodle, your doodle comes with the Jump trick.

Once you have selected the trick you want the Doodle to perform from the Speedchat menu, he/she should perform the trick. If it is not familiar with that trick, it's likely to get confused.

All the the Doodle tricks are:

  • Jump
  • Play Dead
  • Beg
  • Speak
  • Dance
  • Backflip
  • Rollover

  • If the Doodle gets confused (Question mark on the head), be persistent and make him or her try again.
  • If the Doodle gets tired (Sometimes the Doodle won't get tired, thats fine) and does it, Scratch him/her and say "Good boy/girl!" and "You rock!" to tell him that he/she did a good job.

You can use this same process for every type of trick.

When you help the Doodle do the trick more often, he/she learns it more so he/she dosen't get so confused.

Doodles in battle

Large image petbattle.gif

This is a fairly new feature. When you click SOS in battle, your Doodle can come into battle and Toon-up you and your fellow Toons. Just click on your Doodles name in the SOS list and pick a trick! It's best to use this when he's neutral or excited. If the Doodle gets confused, though, your Toon will sigh and the Doodle will leave.

Additional Information

More than one Doodle

Sometimes you might notice that other Toons have more than one Doodle in their estates. How?

You do know you can make up to six Toons, right? Well, if each of these Toons owns one Doodle, you have six Doodles right there! But, if a Toon comes over to your estate, their Doodle comes too!


  • If you want to get rid of your Doodle, go to any pet shop and Return your Doodle. You get no refunds, nor exchanges.
  • Doodles cannot enter the house.
  • Although Doodles can swim.
  • They love to interact with each other.

Thanks to the Toontown Player's Guide for the pictures!