Bossbot Headquarters

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TT BossHQ EntranceFromChip and Dales 1.jpg

Bossbots are hiding in their "ultra-exclusive" Country Club, playing endless games of golf. Toons can reach Bossbot HQ via Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf.

Toons begin building their Bossbot disguise once they have completed their Donald's Dreamland ToonTasks. Visit Toon HQ where your first task will be to visit Shep Ahoy in Donald's Dreamland. He needs your help completing his Bossbot collection. You have to collect a Flunky from anywhere and return it to Shep. Then you need to collect a Pencil Pusher, Yesman, Micromanager, Downsizer, Head Hunter, Corporate Raider, and finally a The Big Cheese.

But you don't have your suit yet! Now you have to collect Version 2.0 Cogs - from the The Cog Golf Courses. When you have collected enough of them and given them to Shep you will finally have your suit. Now you need to collect a final small number of Stock Options then you can battle the CEO!

Note: Bossbot Hq was released on Thursday, March 6, 2008. It is still new and guides are still being written and new strategies are being made.

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