Cashbot Headquarters

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The Cogs have built their second HQ in the outskirts of Toontown! The Cashbots, directed by their C.F.O. (Chief Financial Officer), are printing Cogbucks to finance their invasion of Toontown! Toon HQ has requested your help in stopping their production, but the Cogs have learned their lesson from Sellbot Headquarters and have drastically changed their security measures - stronger cogs are patrolling the trainyard, the mints are protected by the strongest cogs, and there are no longer suit pieces lying around for toons to take!

Toon HQ has asked several shopkeepers with a large stockpile of suit pieces to give higher level toons Toontasks and earn their Cashbot suit piece by piece. Once you've assembled your entire suit, go into a Mint to earn your Cogbucks, and then head all the way across the train tracks to the vault and face the CFO!

Overview of Cashbot HQ


CHQ bullet Cashbot Coin Mint
CHQ bullet Cashbot Dollar Mint
CHQ bullet Cashbot Bullion Mint

The Cashbot Boss (CFO)

For information, please visit the main article, The C.F.O.

The C.F.O., the Cog boss of the Cashbots depicted as a treaded robot in a green suit, starts with a battle against Cashbot Cogs of random levels anywhere from one through twelve. After this is finished, a monkey named Mata Hairy explains how to defeat the C.F.O. by throwing goons and safes at him. His ultimate fate is discovered when he is run over by train tracks albeit really trying to catch a train.