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Cogs are the enemy in Toontown. Found on the streets, in Cog buildings, and in their headquarters, an unwelcome encounter with these robots can leave a Toon sad at the Playground. There are four types of Cogs; Bossbots, Lawbots, Cashbots, and Sellbots.

Cog Health Chart

Cogs have different amounts of health depending on their strength. The higher a Cog's level, the greater its amount of health. A quick formula to determine a Cog's health is to add one to the cog level and multiply that by the cog level added by two - (Cog Level + 1) X (Cog Level + 2), ex. Level 5: (5+1) X (5+2) = 42. The exception is that level 12 cogs have 200 damage. This chart shows how much Gag damage it takes to kill a Cog.

Cogs Bullet Level 1: 6 Damage
Cogs Bullet Level 2: 12 Damage
Cogs Bullet Level 3: 20 Damage
Cogs Bullet Level 4: 30 Damage
Cogs Bullet Level 5: 42 Damage
Cogs Bullet Level 6: 56 Damage
Cogs Bullet Level 7: 72 Damage
Cogs Bullet Level 8: 90 Damage
Cogs Bullet Level 9: 110 Damage
Cogs Bullet Level 10: 132 Damage
Cogs Bullet Level 11: 156 Damage
Cogs Bullet Level 12: 200 Damage

Cog Gallery and Radar

Main article: The Shticker Book - Cog Gallery
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The Cog gallery shows all of the cogs that you have defeated in the game, with each row listing a different type (e.g. Bossbot, Sellbot). When you first start defeating Cogs, each different type will have a running total showing how many you have defeated, along with a target number. When you defeat enough cogs in an entire row to match the target totals (30/25/20/15/10/5/2/1), the icon (button) on the left side of the row, when pushed on a street, will show you the number of Cogs of that type currently on that street. This is referred to as 'Cog Radar'.

Once you have 'Cog Radar', new totals will appear. When you meet these new totals across an entire row (45/40/35/30/25/20/15/10), the icon (button) on the left side of the row, when pushed on a street, will show you the number of cogs and buildings of that type currently on that street. This is referred to as 'Building Radar'.

The first Cog on the row can be level 1-5, the second can be level 2-6, the third can be level 3-7, etc. The last cog can be level 8-12.

Building-Only Cogs

The highest two Cogs of each type (pictured in the Cog gallery) are only found in buildings, Cog Headquarters, or during Invasions.

Cogs Bullet Bossbots:
BlankBullet.jpgCogs Bullet Corporate Raider (7-11)
BlankBullet.jpgCogs Bullet The Big Cheese (8-12)
Cogs Bullet Lawbots:
BlankBullet.jpgCogs Bullet Legal Eagle (7-11)
BlankBullet.jpgCogs Bullet Big Wig (8-12)
Cogs Bullet Cashbots:
BlankBullet.jpgCogs Bullet Loan Shark (7-11)
BlankBullet.jpgCogs Bullet Robber Baron (8-12)
Cogs Bullet Sellbots:
BlankBullet.jpgCogs Bullet The Mingler (7-11)
BlankBullet.jpgCogs Bullet Mr. Hollywood (8-12)

Special events, like invasions, will temporarily change them from being ‘building-only’.

Area-of-Effect Attacks

The following Cogs are able to attack all Toons at the same time with an Area-of-Effect attack.

Cogs Bullet Bossbots
BlankBullet.jpgCogs Bullet Yesman (level 3-7)
Cogs Bullet Lawbots
BlankBullet.jpgCogs Bullet Ambulance Chaser (4-8)
BlankBullet.jpgCogs Bullet Backstabber (5-9)
BlankBullet.jpgCogs Bullet Spin Doctor (6-10)
BlankBullet.jpgCogs Bullet Big Wig (8-12)
Cogs Bullet Cashbots
BlankBullet.jpgCogs Bullet Robber Baron (8-12)
Cogs Bullet Sellbots
BlankBullet.jpgCogs Bullet Name Dropper (3-7)
BlankBullet.jpgCogs Bullet Mover & Shaker (5-9)
BlankBullet.jpgCogs Bullet The Mingler (7-11)
BlankBullet.jpgCogs Bullet Mr. Hollywood (8-12)

Targeted Toon(s)

The Toon who does the most damage to one or more cogs in a given round is targeted the most by the Cogs. You'll see this best if only one Toon attacks the cogs.


Periodically an invasion will occur that will effect one district at a time. The streets and buildings will be full of only one specific Cog. Invasions have lasted for a half hour up to several hours, and are most often of the 2nd to highest level building-only Cog (Corporate Raider, Legal Eagle, Loan Shark or The Mingler). Now that we can summon invasions, in a full district there will be an invasion constantly. The only thing is that invasions summoned by Toons only last 8-12 minutes. Be aware that invading building-only cogs are at least level seven on the streets, and that even if the exterior of a Cog building shows a different type of Cog, the building will have the invading Cogs.

Invasions can also be caused by a Toon who has received an invasion summon as a reward from The Chief Justice.

All successful gag use is given a 2x experience multiplier bonus during invasions!

Version 2.0 Cogs


New with the addition of Bossbot Headquarters, Version 2.0 cogs are cogs that look normal, but are, in a way, 2 cogs in one. Once defeating the regular cog, it reappears as a skelecog with the same level and same cog type. They can be mostly found in Bossbot HQ and the C.E.O. battle.

One thing to mention about 2.0 cogs is that all left over damage to the first cog is applied to the skelecog. So if you were to damage the cog with 201 hitpoints and it was a level 12 2.0 cog, the skelecog would take 1 damage when it appears.

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