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You can access "The Dogfather's" Toontask Guides for each playground as listed below: (Outside Links)

Task Guide: Toontown Central

Task Guide: Donald's Dock

Task Guides: Daisy Gardens

Toontown Tasks Guide: Minnie's Melodyland

Toontown Tasks Guide: The Brrrgh

Toontown Tasks Guide: Donald's Dreamland

They are very helpful when wanting to know where buildings are located, and what kind of shopkeeper they are.

You can also see the section for each of the Playgrounds for information on specific tasks.

Choosing Tasks

Choose complimentary tasks when possible. For example, choose 3 Pencil Pushers and 10 Bossbots, because every Pencil Pusher killed will add 1 towards completion of both tasks.

Visit all officers in all convenient Playground HQs—they change the tasks they offer every time you turn in a task or accept a new one. Don’t forget the street vendors offer tasks as well.

Eventually, you’ll have to complete your current tasks in order to get more. During this time, use 'just for fun' tasks to get more jellybeans.

Visit Tasks

Most of the visit tasks are required.

Anna's Cruises (3 separate tickets from Glad Hander) is just a hint of what's to come! Hysterical Harry, Lounge Lassard, and Lil Oldman (the second time) are the worst! After that, in Dreamland, you will be relieved.

Completing Tasks

Building-only cogs appear in much higher quantity in Dreamland 4 and 5 story buildings. Go there if you have a strong enough team.

Therefore, tasks for items you must get from building-only cogs (i.e. Lumpy cheeses from the Big Cheese) are best accomplished in Dreamland buildings.

The Types of ToonTasks

  1. Getting a new gag track Complete 16 Toontasks that give you track animation frames and you will earn a new gag track. Although, you can only choose six out of seven gag tracks, so make sure you make the best choice. Go to Playgrounds to see which ones will give you new Gag opportunities.
  1. Just For Fun These tasks have nothing to do with Toontown Progress, but they can come in handy. Some will make your toon bigger, smaller, transparent, white, missing your arms and legs, and much more. You can also receive Jellybeans, which come in handy if you don't like Trolley Games or Fishing.
  1. Laff boosts These tasks will give you more Laff points. They can either give you a one, two, three, or four point Laff boost. Laff boosts come in handy when battling stronger cogs.
  1. Apprentice. These tasks become available when you start working on tasks in The Brrrgh. You must help new citizens of Toontown (usually 25 Laff or less) defeat cogs or cog Buildings. The rewards are either Jellybeans, a special effect for your toon, or a Clothing Ticket.
  1. Holding More Gags or Jellybeans As you advance in Toontown, you're going to notice that holding 20 gags won't be enough. There are tasks throughout the playgrounds that will reward you with a larger gag pouch. Eventually, you will earn the largest pouch which holds 80 gags. Also, there are Toontasks where you can receive a larger jar for Jellybeans.
  1. Teleport Access These tasks usually come towards the end of each playground, and you will need them to advance on in the game. You will visit someone, and usually it will be one of the hardest Toontasks in the Playground you're in. Be sure to get this one, since it will help you later on in the game desperately!
  1. Clothing Ticket Each playground has a tailor you can visit to buy more clothes for your toon, but only a clothing ticket will allow you to buy the items. Complete one of these Toontasks and receive your ticket! No matter which playground you get the task in, the clothing ticket will only be redeemable at the tailor of the current playground tasks you are working on. For example, if you are currently working in Donald's Dreamland and you go to The Brrrgh and find a task for a clothing ticket, the clothing ticket will only work at the tailor in Donald's Dreamland.