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The Trolley

About the Trolley

The Trolley can be found at every Playground. Up to four Toons can get on a single Trolley, which will send them to a randomly selected game. Trolley games award jellybeans, which are necessary for purchasing gags. The jellybeans you earn above your carrying capacity go directly to your Toon's bank (up to the bank’s capacity).

After every game, you have the opportunity to buy more gags (or throw away gags you do not want). All single player games (except Tug-O-War) are more difficult in higher level Playgrouunds.

Single or Multiple Toon Trolley Games

Cannon Game

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All Toons find themselves in cannons pointing towards a water tower. Your goal is to aim the cannon such that, when it fires, your Toon will fly into the water tower's water. For most positions of the water tower, you can choose to hit the water in a large arc or attempt to hit the water with a more direct shot, skimming the water is as good as coming down from above. This is due to the parabolic nature of your flight.

Catching Game

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The goal of this game is to catch the fruit falling from the sky while avoiding the anvils. Catching the fruit and not the anvils can be difficult, as the only difference between the two, at first, is how quickly the shadow expands (anvils fall faster).

In addition to the anvils, cogs patrol the field. The cogs move much faster in higher Playground, but many more fruits drop as well, allowing for more more potential points. The speed of the falling fruit is also faster in higher Playgrounds.

Jungle Vines

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In Jungle Vines, you swing from vine to vine and get as many bananas as you can! You may even make it to the end! Use the right arrow key to make your Toon swing from one vine to the next, and use the up or down arrow keys to make your Toon crawl up the vine. In between the vines, there will be bananas you will try to get. Get these because they will be your source of jellybeans!

Jungle Vines isn't that easy however. There will be bats that fly and try to knock you off your vine. There will also be spiders on the vines trying to knock you off. A tip to get past the spiders is get your Toon to the bottom of the vine using the down arrow key. Then, wait for it to crawl up the vine. Quickly, hit the right arrow key to land on the vine and then again to go to the next vine. Have fun!

Maze Game

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The maze game is reminiscent of Pac-Man, and puts each Toon in a maze filled with tokens and cogs. The goal of this game is to collect as many tokens as possible while avoiding the cogs. Higher Playgrounds have more cogs patrolling the maze. Luckily, you have unlimited lives. When a cog hits you, you will be sent flying into the air to a random spot.

Ring Game

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This game takes place underwater, and has Toons swimming through rings. Some rings move, increasing the difficulty. Later Playgrounds have more ring movement than earlier Playgrounds.

When playing with other Toons, each Toon is assigned a color, and must swim through the ring of the same color.

To get a perfect game, you must make sure you are going to get through the current ring while observing the pattern of the next ring. Anticipating your next move is key. Once you determine the pattern of the next ring, and have gone through the current ring, head to approximately where the next ring will be when you get to it, not to where it is now.

The different motion patterns include: staying still, left-right, up-down, clockwise circle, counter-clockwise circle, figure-8 starting clockwise, figure-8 starting counter-clockwise, figure-8 on its side starting clockwise, figure-8 on its side starting counter-clockwise.

Toon Memory Game

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In the Toon Memory Game, you flip cards with gags and match them with their correct pair. Use the delete key to flip over a card. If you are with other Toons, use the control key to signal Toons to flip your card. Higher level Playgrounds give less time to clear the board.

The more matches you get, the more jellybeans you earn! You can earn extra by not flipping the cards a lot. It's easier if you get Toons to help you, but it's a challenge to do it by yourself.

Toon Slingshot

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In the Toon Slingshot game, you launch your Toon into the Toonisphere. To launch your Toon, simply tap the left and right arrow keys until the bar in the middle of the screen gets all the way to the right. If you take too long, it will automatically launch you. Then, you go flying!! Don't worry, you won't fall, you have your trusty umbrella! To use the umbrella, you press the down arrow key. While the umbrella is open, you have to aim yourself using the arrow keys to try and land on one of the targets . But be careful! When you land on the target, you will bounce. Bouncing can knock you off targets!

If you land on a target, your Toon will dance and you will get points for the target you hit. Try hitting smaller targets! They give you more points! If you don't land on a target, your Toon will do a sad emotion and you will get no points.

Treasure Dive

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In Treasure Dive, you have to dive down to the bottom of the ocean and bring treasure chests back to the boat. Use the up arrow key to dive.

While you dive, there are lines of fish in the ocean that will try to slow you down. Once you dive down and recover the treasure chest, it's important that you don't get hit by the fish because they will knock your treasure chest down and you will have to dive down and get it again. Good luck and happy scuba-diving.


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Tug-O-War pits Toons against cogs (or sometimes each other!), with each side attempting to pull the other into the center. Use the right and left arrow keys to pull on the rope, paying attention to the power meter. Your goal is to stay very close to the meter's red line, which will raise as time goes on.

One strategy is to use your ring finger on the right arrow and your pointer finger on the left arrow. When the game begins, start a left-right pattern at a leisurely pace. As the power meter's red line increases requiring you to pull harder, you may be able to quickly press both keys at the same time. Alternatively, switch to a two-hand method with middle fingers on each arrow key. Remember: hitting the arrows hard is counter-productive.

Photo Fun

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The object of this game is to take photos of the toons on the bottom doing the actions shown. The arrow keys scroll around, control zooms in on the mouse position and the left mouse button snaps a picture. The game will end if the timer runs out, or all participants run out of film.

At the bottom of the screen are the pictures of the toons who must be photographed, in the positions that the team is looking for. In multiplayer games, the toon name who has the best picture will be displayed underneath the star score. If you are the one who has the best photo, it will say "Best Bonus!" under the picture. The entire team gets points based on the star scores. Each player also gets a point for each best bonus they have.

Higher level playgrounds feature more possible poses for the toons to take, as well as having less film to take pictures with.

Toon Escape

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The Toons are trapped in a Cog den and must escape. Several Cog treasures are scattered all over, these can be picked up for extra points. Sellbot treasures are worth 1 point, Cashbot treasures are 2, Lawbot treasures are 3, and Bossbot treasures are 4. Destroying a Cog with the squirt gun will leave a random Cog treasure behind. Arrow keys move and jump, and running into the cogs or falling down a hole will delay the toon slightly. Hitting a Cog will also take one point off, even if the Cog is in the process of exploding.

When playing with multiple toons, each toon will compete to gather the most treasures and to finish first. Toons finishing later than others will receive fewer points for finishing. Also, the Cogs take more damage before exploding with more Toons present.‎

Cog Thief

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The Cogs are trying to steal the gag barrels! Attack them with pies to thwart them. Four gag barrels are at the center, and the Toons must defend as many of them as possible. There is a bonus for defending all four, but no such bonus for defending two or three (as opposed to one). The longer the Toons can defend at least one gag barrel, the more beans will be earned.

Two or More Toon Only Trolley Games

Match Minnie

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In this ‘Simon’-like memory game, accuracy can be more important than speed.

The game is split into multiple rounds. During each round, Minnie will give a pattern to be remembered, with each rounding building off of the pattern given in the previous round. The final round will have eight steps to the pattern. Once the pattern is given, it is your task to repeat the pattern flawlessly.

If you always have problems remembering the sequence, before starting the game I suggest hitting the '.' first or just start labeling the directions before you react. For example, if Minnie starts with Left-Right, type ‘LR’ and then hit the left and right arrows. Do not hit enter to send your hint message. Then, if Minnie does Left-Right-Up-Down, type 'UD' after 'LR' then react with the sequence so far, L-R-U-D. If you follow your hint message, you cannot lose! Well, you will not fall down by missing a direction, but you may be slower than an opponent. You will, however, gain many more jellybeans now than before!

Tag Game

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In the game of Tag, one Toon will be "it" and appear as larger than the others. Those who are not "it" must avoid the "it" Toon while collecting ice creams on the field. The Toon who is "it" may not collect any ice creams, so they must tag another Toon in order to become normal sized, and the tagged Toon becomes the new "it".

It is considered polite for those who do not need any more jellybeans to be "it" or otherwise stand aside while those who need jellybeans go get them.

One strategy for this game is for the "it" Toon to purposefully not chase any others, giving them a better chance to collect jellybeans.

Ice Slide

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All Toons are placed in the corners around an ice board. Score targets appear that give a single point. After every two shots all toons will be given points based on how close they are to the center target.

Three or Four Toon Trolley Games

Race Game

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When playing with secret friends, I suggest hitting '.' first to make a thought bubble telling others what number you want to pick.

Change your number to allow someone else to use that number to hit a mystery space.

Trolley Tracks

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Every Thursday, and every 4 hours on Saturday, a special game called Trolley Tracks is running. If two or more Toons board the trolley, they will head to Trolley Tracks. From here, they can vote 3 times to determine which of the 6 visible games that they will play. In addition, each toon has a secret goal, which is different for each toon. Reaching this goal will give the toon who had it a jellybean bonus. If nobody's secret goal is reached, everyone get a single bean. Trolley Tracks runs for 3 rounds, the first round gives 5 votes to all of the toons, while the second and third rounds give votes based on how well each toon did in the previous round. At the conclusion of all three rounds, toons may earn additional beans based on how many votes they had left at the end.