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Make-A-Toon is the first part of your adventures in Toontown. Players can choose the Toon's gender, species, face, height, shape, color, clothes, and name. Remember that if, at any time, you wish to go back a step and change something, one only needs to click the back arrow on the bottom of the screen.

Create Your Toon

This part includes information on choosing the very basics of your Toon's appearance.


The first step in making your Toon is choosing your Toon's gender. You previously had to lick on Minnie Mouse for a girl or click on Mickey for a boy, but after an update you now you click on either a "Boy" icon or a "Girl" icon (displayed on the right).

Boy and girl Toons look almost exactly alike, except girl Toons have long eyelashes and skirts (although there are a couple of pairs of shorts that both boys and girls can wear). Another key difference is the way the Toon bows. If wearing a skirt, girls will curtsy, while boys and girls wearing shorts will put an arm behind their back and move the other hand forward. There are also some accessories that are exclusive to one gender only.


You have a choice between nine different Toon species:


The following species are only available to paid accounts:

  • It should be noted that pumpkins don't count as a Toon species. Toons with pumpkin heads can only exist during the "Trick-or-Treating" event which happens from October 27th to October 31st and can't be found as a species to choose from.
  • Unsubscribed Toons cannot pick from all nine of the toon species.

More information on choosing the face, height, and shape for a Toon can be found by clicking on the name of a species.

Paint Your Toon

"Paint" you Toon whatever color you like! You can either paint your Toon one color, or make the head, body, and legs different colors! You can see a list of possible Toon colors here.

Note: Black cats can only be made on October 31st, but only by saying the secret word to Flippy when you first get speed chat, not by "painting" your Toon that color.

Choose Your Clothes

You can choose from a limited variety of clothes in this next step. But don't panic as you get the chance in the game to choose extra clothes for your Toon. For a list of Make-A-Toon clothes, please view this article. (Under construction)

Name Your Toon


Here is where you choose a name for your Toon. You can either make a name from preapproved words, or type a name and have it submitted to "The Toon Council" for approval. When using Pick-A-Name, you have the option to give your Toon a title, a first name, or a last name made up of two words. You can use all the name types, or simply just two. But keep in mind you can't use a title alone! For a list of preapproved words used in building a name, visit Pick-A-Name.