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The Toolbar is located at the bottom of the VMK game screen. It is essential for, among other things: shopping, changing clothes, traveling around, doing quests and chatting with others.

Each window that pops up will have a Question Mark Question Mark Example. The question mark is found on the top of each window that pops up. Click the Question Mark if you want more information.

Listed are the functions from left to right.


Info Button

Infobutton.jpg The Info button will tell you information about any room that you are in, in both public and personal areas. Instances are like different dimensions of the same room. In your own room the Info button allows you to edit the name and description of your room as well as select "furnishing mode", which turns your ability to move furniture on and off. You can also enable the room to allow everyone to come to your room, along with choosing whether you want only friends, people with tickets, your friends and people with tickets, or just yourself. The newest addition is the Clear Room button, in which you can clear all the items in your room, all together, and return them to your inventory.

Infoscreen1.jpg RoomInformation3.jpg

Travel Button

Mapbutton.jpg The Travel button accesses the VMK Map, from which you can teleport to any public place listed on the map. This is often quicker than walking from room to room. Some rooms cannot be access from this manner however, see Rooms not on the Map.

Stuff Button

Inventorybutton.jpg The Stuff button shows you just that, your stuff! These are the items that you have with you, not placed in a room. From this screen you can view your Credits, Furnishings, Pins, Clothing and Posters. This is also where you can enter the secret codes from cards, games, etc.

Mail Button

Mailbutton.jpg The Mail button accesses your personal messages and Friends list. When you get a message or a friend request, a tone will sound and the button will flash to get your attention.

Shopping Button

Shop button From this screen you can shop for rooms, furnishings, pins, clothing, posters, and specials. The "Specials" tab, however, is only accessible when in the specified shop ("it's a small world" Imports Specials, Emporium Specials, Golden Horseshoe Mercantile Specials, Inner Space Shop Specials, Shrunken Ned's Shop Specials, Main Street Magic Shop Specials).
Shop screen

Prior to 2 October 2007 the shopping window looked like this:

Shop screen

For more information see shopping.

Quest Button

Questbutton.jpg This button accesses the In-Game Quests. Choose a quest and earn prizes.

Emote/Action Button

Emotebutton.jpg Emotes are a fun way to express yourself. Click on the emote that best reflects what you wish to show and that image will show above your character's head.

The emotes are (left to right): Happy, Mad, Cake, Skull and Crossbones, Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up, Grin, Sick, Sleep, Surprise, Disgust, Wink, and Sad

Actions include dancing and waving. Double click to do either action. To stop dancing, double click again.


Click here to see the emotes in use.

Chat Box

This is where you can type text to chat with other players. See the VMK: Chatting in game section to learn more.

Magic Button

Magicbutton.jpg Use this button to access the magic buttons. Read the section on Using Magic Pins to learn more.

Camera Button

Camerabutton.jpg Access your camera and photo album here. Read more about How to take a picture.

Character Button

Clothingbutton.jpg This button accesses your Character screen. When you are ready to start editing preferences with regards to your character's clothes, hair style, and skin color, use this button

Settings Button

Settingsbutton.jpg This button accesses your Preferences screen. From here you can edit your preferences such as sounds, volume, turn on/off trade requests, as well as show how many Hidden Mickey's you have found.

Help Button

Helpbutton.jpg This button accesses both the VMK In-Game Help Guide (this information is also brought up when you click the question mark found on many of the VMK windows) as well as the Call for Help screen. Use the Call for Help option if you need to report a problem within the game.

Exit Button

Newexitbutton.jpg Clicking this allows you to exit the screen you are in and quit the game.


As VMK was being promoted before its opening, waiting players found this toolbar on the teaser images:


Icons included: Info, Travel, Stuff, Mail, Emotes, Text, Magic, Camera, Preferences, Help, and Exit.

When VMK opened to the public on 27 June 2005, some button graphics were updated and the Shop button was added:


Icons included: Info, Travel, Stuff, Mail, Shop, Emotes, Text, Magic, Camera, Preferences, Help, and Exit. The Preferences button offered two tabs: Character for clothing and message, and sound control.


4 April 2006 introduced the in-game Quest and the Q button was added to the toolbar, sacrificing some of the Text area:


On 2 October 2006 the toolbar was changed again: Preferences was split into Character and Settings. To maximize the Text area, the Exit button was shortened from the word 'Exit' to 'X', the 'Q' button was made noticeably smaller, and all the buttons were tightened up to save space.