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Take A Photo
VMK gives players the ability to take pictures of items, players, or rooms in VMK. However you cannot take pictures of trading, pin lanyards, or names. Want to know how to take a VMK picture? Let's go through this step by step guide and you'll be a pro in no time!

Step 1: Buying a Camera

Getting to VMK Central- Use the shop button to buy

  • Shop Button To get the VMK Central menu, go to VMK Central. Then click the Dead Men Take No Pictures! poster. (Later on you will just have to click the shop button on the toolbar.) When the Shopping menu has opened, click the VMK Central shop. Next, click camera. To start off, click on Camera and 3 film and buy it. Now your camera button has lit up and you have the ability to take three pictures! Here is a pictoral version to follow:

Step 2: Taking a Picture

Take your very own pictures- Using the Camera option

Camera Window
  • Camera Button To take a picture, click the camera button. Then click Take A Photo. Next, you will have to click on the Camera window and drag it to the place you want. Click take a photo. Now, another window will appear. This window will allow you to add a description to the photo. Now click OK and you have completed taking a photo!
Take A Photo

Photo Description

Step 3: Photo Catalog

Using this option will let you place items in a Photo Album, view them, or place them on a wall.

Photo Catalog Menu

To get to the Photo Catalog, click the Camera button Camerabutton.jpg and then click Photo Catalog.

Photo Menu

Click one of the photos to do descriptions for only that photo.


To edit the description of the photo, go to the photo. Next, type in whatever you want the description to be in the textbox. Finally, click save.

Publish To Album

To buy an album, go back to VMK Central's shop, and buy a Photo Album for 100 credits. Next, go to your room and place the album in your room. Then go back to your photo description menu, and click Publish to Album. Click OK when the warning pop-up opens.

Place On Wall

To place a picture on a wall, go to your room. Click the Place on Wall button. If the photo is faded, you cannot place it there. If it is a normal yellow color, you are able to place the photo there.

Deleting a Photo

To delete a photo, click Delete on the photo's description menu. You will get 5 credits for every photo you take.

Uses of Photos

By taking pictures, you can take fabulous rewards. Go to VMK Central and take part in the Hidden Mickey Quest. All you have to do is hunt for hidden mickeys around VMK and take pictures of them! You will receive credits, pins, coupons, promotions, and more!

Hidden Mickey Quest