Finding Hidden Mickeys

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Before You Find Any Hidden Mickeys

Buying Film

You need to buy a camera. If you have a camera, then you need film. Buying film is in VMK Central in VMK's Main Street. To buy film, you need to click on the Jolly Roger's flag. There, you can buy film (once you've been there once, you don't need to visit there again to buy film, instead, use the shop button, Shopbutton.jpg.

Taking Pictures

To take a picture, read How to take a picture.

What Hidden Mickeys Look Like

Hidden Mickeys are small mickey icons. They can be any color, depending on the color they are on. They blend in with what it's on, only leaving the outline of the shape, making it difficult. Once you think you found one, you take a picture. If you really did find a Hidden Mickey, once you take the picture, the picture will show the hidden mickey, and will be filled in with a gold color.

Finding Hidden Mickeys

Hidden Mickeys can be very difficult, and tend to hide in odd places. They aren't just in normal spots players look at.

Where They Are

Spoiler Warning!

For the exact location of all the current Hidden Mickeys are, click here