Using Magic Pins

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To use a magic pin, follow these steps

Wear your Magic Pin

Once you have obtained a magic pin, you must make sure your character is wearing it before you can use it.

Find the Chair Button on the toolbar Inventory Buttonand click it. Then, go to the Pins Tab, located at the top.

Find the magic in your inventory. Select it and then click "wear".

Wearing the Magic Pin

Mske sure the Magic is in the "Pins Worn" section

Magic Pin Worn

Casting the effect

Once you are wearing your magic pin, there are two ways you can cast the spell.

Magic Spell Window Either click on the magic wand button Magic Button on the right of the chat bar and double click the magic you want to cast or say the "Magic Word". You can press the Help button and select "Magic Spells" for a list of spell words. You can also click on the wand button next to the chat box and click the magic you'd like to cast. It will display the magic word for the pin.

Then watch as your character performs their magic spell.

Magic Spell Performed

The Magic Checkers spells can only be used while you are playing Main Street Magic Shop Checkers.

Stopping the Effect and Recasting the Effect

Each magic spell lasts for a certain amount of time which varies from pin to pin.

You can end the Magic early by pressing the Stop Effect Button.

Stop Effect

Before you can recast your spell, the magic will need to "recharge". This recharge time also varies from pin to pin.

Effect Recharge Wait Time

If you try to cast the effect again before the spell has completely recharged, the following message will appear:

Effect Recharging