50th Mickeys Quest

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Released: 4 April 2006

Retired: 1 October 2006

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Quest Description

Collect all 50th Mickey. All successful players receive a roll of film and 300 credits.


Players who successfully complete this quest will receive 300 credits and Film (Pack of 5).

Item Color Cost Photo Location Notes
300 Credits VMK Credits

For more information see Credit

Film (Pack of 5) X/D200

X/Q Cannot be sold

Film (Pack of 5) VMK Central

Q Button Quest

  • 50th Mickeys Quest
Released: 23 May 2005

Retired with the closing of VMK: 21 May 2008


1) Head for the entrance to the park and look for this Hidden 50th Mickey mark!

Picture: 50MickeysQ-Task 1 hint.jpg

2) Go inside this icy peak to find the next hidden Mickey that you seek!

Picture: 50MickeysQ-Task 2 hint.jpg

3) Explore the tent on the Jungle Cruise. Find the Mickey or prepare to lose.

4) 20,000 leagues beneath the sea is the next place to find the hidden Mickey.

5) Don't fall asleep looking here! Celebrate Mickey with food and good cheer!

6) Mickey's not the only mouse you'll see if you search this location carefully.

7) Blast off to the place of ports and ships, where you can see the stars and a solar eclipse.

8) In a treetop canopy up in the sky, look for Mickey and his pal with one eye.

9) Rock the house! Dance with the mouse!

10) Find this Mickey way up high in the place of spells in the sky.

11) Open grave and scary tree, bats and ghouls and a hidden Mickey.

12) Venture to the top of this island's peak for it's the Golden Mickey that you seek!

13) See the movies! See the stars! Look for Mickey; he might be near one of the cars!

Picture: 50MickeysQ-Task 13 hint.jpg

14) Look in this place with animal bones and you'll find the hidden Mickey within the stones.

15) Go to the place with the enchanted waterfall. This Mickey is the hardest of all.

Spoilers (Questions with Answers)

Spoiler Warning!

1) Go to Town Square and collect golden mickey

2) Go to the Matterhorn and collect golden mickey

3) Go to the Explorers Tent and collect golden mickey

4) Go to Captain's Quest Quarters and collect golden mickey (stay to the left and look for exit to get up there)

5) Go to the Banquet Hall and collect golden mickey

6) Go to the Golden Horseshoe Mercantile and collect golden mickey (by the Teleporter)

7) Go to the Tommorowland Hub and collect golden mickey (downstairs under bridge)

8) Go to the Pirate Treehouse and collect golden mickey (behind crates)

9) Go to the Street Party Music Game Lobby and collect golden mickey (to the right of the stage)

10) Go to the Spell Room and collect golden mickey (in the left side entrance)

11) Go to the Haunted Mansion Lobby and collect golden mickey (next to the mausoleum)

12) Go to Tom Sawyer Island and collect golden mickey (use monorail)

13) Go to the Sci-Fi Dine-In and collect golden mickey (back of blue car)

14) Go to the Forbidden Temple and collect golden mickey (in skull)

15) Go to Snow White's Hide and Seek Forest and collect golden mickey (behind large tree)