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Your Notoriety is the sum total of all your pirating skills, and appears as a number dial above the Vitals Key. It includes your mastery of the following:

POTCO Bullet Cutlass

POTCO Bullet Dagger

POTCO Bullet Pistol

POTCO Bullet Grenade

POTCO Bullet Cannon

POTCO Bullet Voodoo Doll

POTCO Bullet Voodoo Staff

POTCO Bullet Sailing


Pirates gain Notoriety by using weapons to defeat enemies. If you fight with the Cutlass all the time you will earn Cutlass Notoriety, if you use the Pistol you will earn Pistol Notoriety, and if you sail often, you will earn Notoriety for being a canny captain. You can focus on perfecting one skill -- weapons, sailing, or Voodoo –– if you want your Pirate to excel at that.

When fighting enemies on land, Notoriety is awarded to the player whenever an enemy is defeated. The amount of Notoriety that player gains depends on how much fighting he did against the enemy. Each attack that hits the enemy increases the amount of Notoriety that player will receive when the enemy is defeated. This amount can also vary depending on that player's fighting style. If you join a battle against an enemy that is nearly defeated, you will only gain part of the Notoriety. Pirates that are using Healing from the Voodoo Doll also gain Notoriety when the enemy is defeated.

A captain's Sailing Notoriety is earned by using Broadsides to defeat enemy ships. Whenever a crewmate hits an enemy ships with a cannonball, the pirate steering the ship gains Sailing Notoriety as well.

You gain more Notoriety for defeating enemies that are equal or higher Level than you. Picking on weak enemies awards little Notoriety. Likewise, weaker foes will yield less booty. You can tell how much Notoriety you will get by the color of the enemies' Level in their name tag.

Enemy Type Notoriety Reward
Red A very dangerous enemy -- normal Notoriety awarded
Yellow An enemy well–matched to you –– normal Notoriety awarded
Green An easy enemy –– less Notoriety than Reds or Yellows awarded
Gray A pushover –– only a little Notoriety awarded
Game Tip Game Tip: Each level of Notoriety increase will give you an additional 25 Health and 3 Voodoo points.


Your notoriety meter

POTCO Bullet Notoriety determines your overall level in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

POTCO Bullet Notoriety can also be known as your overall reputation earned. Any reputation from killing enemies, destroying ships or doing quests, gives notoriety as well as reputation for the certain weapon you used.

POTCO Bullet You can see your progress by looking at the meter at the top left hand conner of your screen. As you begin to gain levels on your notoriety meter, the amount of notoriety points needed to get to the next level gets higher and higher.

POTCO Bullet Notoriety helps out your Health and Voodoo too. Each time you gain a level of notoriety, your health points and voodoo points increase as well.


Level Pts to reach
1 0
2 300
3 450
4 600
5 800
6 1000
7 1300
8 1600
9 2000
10 2400
11 2900
12 3400
13 4000
14 4600
15 5300
16 6000
17 6800
18 7600
19 8500
20 9400
Level Pts to reach
21 10400
22 11400
23 12500
24 13600
25 14800
26 16100
27 17400
28 18800
29 20200
30 21700
31 23300
32 24900
33 26600
34 28400
35 30200
36 32100
37 34100
38 36100
39 38200
40 40400
Level Pts to reach
41 42,600
42 44,900
43 47,300
44 49,700
45 52,200
46 54,800
47 57,500
48 60,200
49 63,000
50 65,900


Pirate Master.jpg Pirate Master image for the old max level for pirates.