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Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Basics

Voodoo abilities come from objects charged with supernatural power. In Pirates of the Caribbean Online, this means the Voodoo Doll and Staff. Your skill level with these objects –– attacking a foe with a hex or healing a matey with a spell –– is measured by your Voodoo Weapon Skills.

Of course, being a Pirate, you can choose to stick to more conventional weapons and avoid using Voodoo altogether.

Panel voodoocurse.gif

Attacking with Voodoo

Voodoo has great advantages in group attacks. While your mateys attack enemies with pistols or grenades from a distance, you can use Voodoo to slow that enemy down, drain its vitality, or put it in shackles.

Game Tip Game Tip: Don't wait until a Voodoo Hex has worn off to attack again. The most damage is dealt by quickly casting one hex after another.

Healing with Voodoo

The power of Voodoo is not purely offensive. You can use spells on your mateys to cure their ills and heal their injuries. Just like you use hexes for attack, you can use spells over and over on a single target to give maximum effect.

Voodoo Power Costs

Panel 210x158 voodoopower.gif

Casting spells with Voodoo weapons and teleporting both require you to tap into your Voodoo Power. The more powerful the spell, the more Voodoo Power you'll need. Just like your health, your Voodoo Power recharges over time.

Your Voodoo Power is the measure of your ability to cast spells and hexes, and you expend power every time you wield a Voodoo weapon. Keep a keen eye on your Voodoo Power meter on your Vitals Key so that you avoid encountering enemies without the ability to attack or heal your mateys.

Game Tip Game Tip: Your Voodoo Power regenerates constantly over time, but you can speed up the process by applying Voodoo skill points to your Staff's Concentration Passive Skill.
Game Tip Game Tip: You can increase your Voodoo Power limit by applying Voodoo skill points to your Doll's Focus Passive Skill.

Recharging Voodoo

POTCO Bullet Voodoo can be obtained in many ways. They are as follows.

POTCO Bullet Healing yourself with a Health tonics.
POTCO Bullet Staying clear of battle and waiting for Voodoo to recharge.
POTCO Bullet Pay a Gypsy G5 for a full recharge.

Increasing Your Voodoo

Gain A Level In Voodoo Increased by
Notoriety 3
Cutlass 0
Pistol 1
Dagger 1
Grenade 0
Voodoo Doll 6
Voodoo Staff 6
Cannon 0
Sailing 0