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Gypsy Icon

Gypsy Cart

Gypsy Sign

Look for one of these outside of every town. They are your source for all things Voodoo and health tonics which can come in handy when you want to survive a tough fight. Bring cash. No one gives credit to a Pirate.


Gypsies are found on each Main Island of Pirates of the Caribbean Online, except Kingshead:

POTCO Bullet Port Royal
POTCO Bullet Padres Del Fuego
POTCO Bullet Tortuga

Items for Sale

The Gypsy has many different items for sale. The items currently on sale are as follows.

Voodoo Items

Items Sold Damage Description Cost Unlocks at Skill Level
Cloth Doll
+2 per hit A powerful doll able to bind the spirits of the living and the dead. 200 5
Witch Doll
+4 per hit An elaborate oriental doll able to strongly bind to the spirits of others. 1200 10
Warped Staff
+2 per hit A powerful fetish used for summoning and controlling spirits. 300 5
Rend Staff
+4 per hit Sought after by many, this fetish allows the bearer to speak to the spirits of the dead. 1800 10


You can only hold 3 of each of the following in your Inventory

Tonics Sold Description Cost Heals Voodoo Heals Health
Eases pain. Smells kind of strong too. 3 50 200
Exotic remedy. Said to cure all maladies. 7 100 350
Holy Water
Holy Water
Water blessed by the angels and gods. 20 250 650
The one and only, legendary Elixir of Life! 60 375 1000
Miracle Water
Miracle Water
A miracle potion said to cure all sicknesses and regrow hair! 100 500 1500
Gypsy Cart