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Kingshead (Click to Enlarge)


Kingshead was a mysterious island during POTCO Beta Days as to you couldn't get onto the pier to access the island. There is no shore, but rather a long network of docks where you are safe from attack, but nothing to kill here. This island has been chosen by Lord Cutler Beckett, the force behind the East India Trading Company, to be something of his own personal fortress. It is here that the EITC's less–than–legal doings can be kept secret from prying eyes. The whole island is one giant fort with several different levels/areas. You have major quests here for the grenades and almost everyone will need to go with at least one or two good mates to get them done. Plenty of Navy guards make the fort difficult to approach –– and even harder to escape from.

This is also a good place to go to power level grenades, voodoo doll, and staff as there are a large group of vet 18's and an officer 18 in the main courtyard right inside the main gate. You can just lay waste to this group over and over again for lots of fast exp. For the grenades you can just have them move toward you while bombing over and over again. For doll just attune as many as you can and run in circles. For staff lay waste to the whole group at once.

Game Tip Game Tip: This advanced player area is open to Unlimited Access members only.
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Kingshead is located in the south-east Caribbean sea, making it easy access when sailing from Cutthroat Isle or Padres Del Fuego.

View of Kingshead

Quest Uses


Secret Dock (Click to Enlarge)

Places in Kingshead

Kingshead is one large Navy fort, so it has no separate areas, such as a jungle, that a Main Island, like Tortuga, would have.

An oddity in Kingshead is a small dock on the back of the island with a cave leading into the island. Only way to reach it is by "glitching" there. Nothing much to see there though. The cave just leads back a little ways into nothingness. The dinghy, however, is functional. Possibly, in the future, Disney will make use of this cave entrance.


POTCO Bullet Navy Soldiers
POTCO Bullet EITC Soldiers