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Allies and Enemies


POTCO Bullet Enemies can be fought within the game with a variety of weapons.
POTCO Bullet Navy and EITC enemies cannot be brought down with the Pistol
POTCO Bullet Every enemy can be brought down using the Voodoo Doll, Cutlass, or Dagger.

Enemy's Health

Cursed Creatures

Jolly Roger's dark powers aren't limited to raising pirates from the dead. He has reached out to taint many natural creatures, twisting them into unholy monsters fighting by his side. Undead Alligators, Bats, Wasps, Crabs, and Scorpions lurk everywhere, and they're not easy to defeat. Giant Venus Flytraps may be growing where pirates least expect them. Beware, too, of the deadly stalking tree Stumps –– they threaten a horrible end.

Types of Enemies

EnemyBullet.png Animals
EnemyBullet.png Plants
EnemyBullet.png Undead Skeletons
EnemyBullet.png Navy
EnemyBullet.png East India Trading Company
EnemyBullet.png Davy Jones Crew
EnemyBullet.png Bosses

EnemyBullet.png Enemies List Update - Temporary updated list 8/12/09

Enemy Flagship Location

Enemy Flagship Location Map

Lines show where they start from, circles show where they usually stop to roll in circles. The EITC Corvette, for example, can usually be found at Outcast island on any quiet server. Once you sink it, race to Kingshead to pick up another (if stuck on the fine cutlass quest.) The Navy Greyhound and Navy Bulwark (that used to circle Devil's Anvil) were taken out of the game when they were trying to fix the "take over another ship" glitch, but mysteriously were never added back in once corrected. The six French and Spanish ships sail mainly in tight circles (the blood scourges go back and forth a bit more than just a circle.) You'll notice the various flag ships return to their starting points after a few minutes and circle there instead. After a few more minutes, they repeat their original course again. (Different flagships have different time thresholds.)