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Allies and Enemies

The Royal Navy

The Royal Navy is charged by the Crown with keeping peace in the Caribbean, protecting the shipping lanes, and most important, capturing pirates. Unfortunately for the Crown, some Navy officers aren't as honest as perhaps they should be. The Caribbean is as corrupt as it is beautiful, and it has proven easy to grow lax so far from home. Instead of protecting civilians, many Navy officials extort gold under the pretense of "taxes" and generally oppress anyone they think they can push around. Some officers and guards can be bribed –– others turn their heads when crimes are committed. But all Navy personnel are still formidable fighters and should be approached with great caution.

POTCO Bullet The Navy are enemies in Potco.
POTCO Bullet The Navy can not be harmed by the Pistol, but can be harmed with all other weapons.
POTCO Bullet The Navy have a fleet of ships in the Caribbean.

List of Navy


Cave fighting with Navy Troops
Type Level Hit Points
Cadet 2-4 50-175
Guard 5-7 250-450
Sergeant 9-12 650-950
Veteran 15-18 1250-1550
Officer 22-26 1950-2350
Dragoon 24-29 2150-2650

Army Bosses

Name Type Level(s)
Geoffrey Pain Navy Cadet boss 4
Hugh Brandish Guard boss 8
Nathaniel Grimm Sergeant boss 9
Sid Shiver Veteran boss 17-18
Ian Ramjaw Navy boss 24-25


Navy Ship Fighting a Pirate Ship
Name Type Level Hull Points
Navy Ferret Light Sloop 1–3 700-1100
Navy Bulwark Light Galleon 6-7 2000-2600
Navy Panther Light Frigate 9-11 3000-3200
Navy Greyhound Sloop 11-13 3200-3600
Navy Vanguard Galleon 17 6800
Navy Centurion Frigate 19 ?
Navy Kingfisher War Sloop 22 5200
Navy Predator War Sloop 31-33 8000
Navy Colossus War Galleon 35-37 ?
Navy Monarch War Galleon 26 10000
Navy Man-O-War War Frigate 28 12100
Navy Dreadnought War Frigate 38-40 19700