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Allies and Enemies

Cursed Creatures

Jolly Roger's dark powers aren't limited to raising pirates from the dead. He has reached out to taint many natural creatures, twisting them into unholy monsters fighting by his side. Undead Alligators, Bats, Wasps, Crabs, and Scorpions lurk everywhere, and they're not easy to defeat. Giant Venus Flytraps may be growing where pirates least expect them. Beware, too, of the deadly stalking tree Stumps –– they threaten a horrible end.

POTCO Bullet Plants are enemies in Potco.
POTCO Bullet Plants can be harmed by all weapons.

List Of Plants

Walking tree in swap
Type Level Hit Points
Fly Trap 9-18 650-1550
Stump 30-35 2750-3250

List Of Plants Bosses

Fighting a Fly Trap
Name Type Level(s)
Snap Dragon Fly Trap boss 10-16
Bowbreaker Stump boss 33