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Players Guide
Sea Chest
Cloth map.jpeg

You use your map to teleport between islands and locations (if you have done the quest for teleportation for that island), allows you to change servers (worlds/oceans), and find what island a quest you are tracking is.

Full Map

How To Open/Close It

To get to your map, there are a few ways:
POTCO Bullet You can open up your Sea Chest, and clicking the map button, Mapicon.jpg.
POTCO Bullet (Hot Key – M)

To close your map, you do the same thing.

Using Your Map

Map Menu

Click and drag your mouse along the map to explore the Caribbean. Zoom in and out of the Map with your mouse wheel to focus on a single area or to see the big picture… The Map will faithfully pinpoint your location at sea. Keep an eye on it to avoid getting lost between islands. An avatar icon appears next to the island you are on if ashore. A ship icon will appear when you are sailing.


The Map will also guide your teleportation. To teleport to an island, click on its image on the Map . You'll earn the ability to teleport to the Caribbean's various islands by completing Quests.

Isla De La Avaricia (Spanish), and Ile D'Etable De Porc (French) are for ship vs ship play, everyone can teleport to these islands without having finished any particular quests/tasks.

If you want to go from one island to any of the other islands, you must have a Teleportation Access. Meaning you must have done a quest to get a Teleport Totem. The only places currently that anybody can teleport to (besides SvS islands) are the Main Islands (Cuba, Port Royal, Tortuga, Padres Del Fuego).

If you have Teleportation Access to a Main Island, you will have a circle with a doll in next to the island, you can open up your map, and click on that island. When you click on that island, you will go around in circles, and go up in the air. This means you are teleporting.

Game Tip Game Tip: You cannot teleport while battling or if you are currently teleporting.

Teleportation Totems Notoriety Level
Secret Of Port Royal Teleportation 7
Secret Of Cuba Teleportation 12
Secret Of Tortuga Teleportation 14
Secret Of Padres del Fuego Teleportation 23


If you want to go and look at different parts of the map, like looking at different islands, you can click, and hold down, the left click on the map, and drag your mouse along the map. This will cause your map to move, and you'll see different parts.


There are a few symbols on the map:

POTCO Bullet The ship icon only appears while you are on a boat, sailing. The boat points in the direction you are currently heading in. If you get off the boat, the symbol disappears.
POTCO Bullet The gold star only appears when you are tracking a quest. It goes on the island where you have to go.
POTCO Bullet The voodoo doll appears as soon as you have Teleportation Access to a Main Island (Port Royal, Tortuga, Padres Del Fuego, and Kingshead).

Port Of Call:

The "Port Of Call:" option brings you back to the last Main Island (Port Royal, Tortuga, Padres Del Fuego, and Cuba). It is located on the bottom of the Map Menu. This is very helpful if you are in a woods, and you want a quick escape.

Current Server:

The tab above the Map shows the numbered Ocean you are currently in. If the Caribbean seems overly crowded, or if it feels too empty, teleport to another numbered Ocean where the balance of players is more to your liking. Just click on the gold arrow at the bottom of the tab to open the list of available worlds.

Map {Active Oceans)

The "Current Server:" option gives you a list of servers to choose from. It is located at the top of the Map Menu. If you click on the button that is under the "Current Server:", it looks like a semicircle.

Once the "Current Server:" list is open, you'll see a lot of servers (worlds) to choose from.

Next to each server (world), it shows how busy each one is.

If it says "Ideal", it means a good amount of players are there.

If it says "Full", it means a lot of people are in there, and nobody else is allowed in, until there is room.

If it says "Quiet", it means very few people are in there.

If you want to go to a server (world), you can just click on the name of the sever (world) that you want to go to. You'll then be teleported to same island you are on, but in a different server (world).

To close the "Current Sever:" list, just click the semicircle under where it says "Current Server:".