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Cuba, in Pirates of the Caribbean Online, is one of the smaller major islands. You can set sail (no dock though, but can repair ship), it has enemies, NPC (non-playable characters), and is home to Tia Dalma


Tia Dalma

The dark mysterious swamps surrounding Cuba's Pantano River delta are home to the mystic Tia Dalma. You'll need to travel here often as you learn the arts of Voodoo, but steady as you go –– the swamps are teeming with Jolly Roger's unholy creatures and the reanimated remains of pirates who have met…unfortunate…ends.

Quest Uses

POTCO Bullet Tia Dalma has different quests during parts of the game including teleportation totems, and other weapons.

Places In Cuba



POTCO Bullet Swamp Alligator

Cuba (Click to Enlarge)

Pantano River

Pantano River looks more like swamps than a river.

This is where Tia Dalma resides with her pet alligator. Tons of Fly Traps and Gators here to kill. There are two exits from this zones but both lead back to Cuba.


POTCO Bullet Tia Dalma


POTCO Bullet Flytrap
POTCO Bullet Swamp Alligator
POTCO Bullet Big Alligator

Pantao River (Click to Enlarge)