Port Royal Characters

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Players Guide
Allies and Enemies

Bartholomew Watkins - hiding behind barrels inside town
Basil Tacktimbers, Barber
Bingham - next to Gordon Greer, inside Fort Charles
Black Mack - inside Rowdy Rooster Tavern

Captain Job - in the Royal Anchor
Cassandra - on the streets in town
Christopher Scott - inside Royal Anchor Tavern
Clayton Collard - by well in town

Daisy - inside Tattoo Parlor
Darby Drydock, Shipwright
Davy Turnbull, Gunsmith - near small docks


Edward Blastscarlett - Royal Caverns
Edward Shackleby - sitting outside Mansion
Edward Stormhawk - near Darby Drydock
Edward Truespinner, Trainer inside Fuller's Blacksmithing
Elizabeth Swann - Governor’s Mansion
Emma - on the balcony above Smitty's Jewelry Shop
Enrique Backginty - Royal Caverns
Ensign Grimm - outside the jail
Ewan McCraken, Gunsmith - warehouse near large docks

Fletcher Beakman - Dockworkers,On the pier at the beach

Gordon Greer - prisoner inside Fort Charles
Grace - Gypsy, in Fort Charles
Graham Marsh - in Marsh Imports, a small office by Darby Drydock


Jade Bladefury, Trainer in R. Smith, Pewterer store
James MacDougal - chopping wood behind town, near Lucinda
Jeweler Smitty - in back room of Jeweler's store
Jim Wavemonger - Royal Caverns
John Wallace, Blacksmith, warehouse near large docks
Josie McReedy, Bartender at the Royal Anchor Bar
June Greer - in apartment between Cassandra and Bartholomew Watkins in town

Lawrence McShoe - Royal Caverns
Little Bob - inside Royal Anchor Tavern
Lt. Peter Blakeley - June’s husband, in apartment with purple door in town
Lucinda, Gypsy

Matthew Hullbowers - Royal Caverns
Myrna - inside Royal Anchor Tavern


Nathaniel Truehound, Tailor
Nelson Welch, Bartender at the Rowdy Rooster Tavern

Peter Chipparr - in Tattoo Parlor
Philip Fuller, Blacksmith - warehouse near small docks

R. Smith, Pewterer, Blacksmith - in town behind Royal Anchor


Sam Ropevane, Trainer inside Wallace Blacksmith Shop
Sam Seabones - outside buildings past Darby Drydock
Sarah, Jeweler
Sean Tones - inside Royal Anchor Tavern
Shane McGreeny - inside Royal Anchor Tavern
Solomon O'Dougal, Tattoo Artist

Will Turner - in Old Warehouse
William Turk - inside Rowdy Rooster Tavern

Yellow Dan - inside Rowdy Rooster Tavern

Several of the inhabitants of Port Royal have vanished. Where could they have gone?
Adam Goodprice
April May
Barbary Tom
Edward Grintley
Jonathan Fairbanks
Nelson Templeton
Ruth Armstrong
Sally Gold
Thomas Stareaston
Tobias Bladepratt

Rutherford Bligh - replaced by Captain Job