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Adventures At Sea

Ships of POTCO

Ship Panel

Jack Sparrow put it well -- a ship is freedom. As soon as you can, upgrade from your Light Sloop to a ship that's better tailored to your needs. Do you fancy a racer that can outrun enemy ships? Or are you more inclined to give up speed for cargo space so that you can plunder a bit more before having to dock? Is heavy firepower your main desire? The choice is yours, depending on the size of your wallet, of course. Remember, you can own more than one ship. If you can afford it, assemble your own fleet!

Ships are a major part of the game and can be considered a way to make money. When you buy your ship, you can go out to it by going over to a dingy and pressing the shift key. Once your out on the High Sea, you can plunder enemy ships by attacking them with cannons and sinking them. By sinking ships, you can gain notoriety points and sailing points You can also board enemy flagships and receive even more notoriety points by attacking and killing all the crew aboard.

You will get your first ship, a Light Sloop, when Elizabeth Swann sends you on a special Quest. This ship is enough to get you around the Caribbean, but because it only has two cannons, you will be extremely vulnerable. As soon as possible, you'll want to buy a bigger better ship from a Shipwright.

You can own more than one ship –– if you can afford it. In fact, you can own a total of three ships! Consider your goals carefully. Each class of hull is designed to do one task superbly –– at the cost of other qualities, though. Purchase your ships from a Shipwright.

"H" - Your Ships info

Opening Your Ship Menu

All the ships you own can be seen in the Ships Panel. To get to one of your ships, find a dinghy. Interact with the dinghy by pressing SHIFT and a menu will pop up. Select a ship and you'll automatically row out to your ship.

There are two ways to open your ship menu.
POTCO Bullet You can open your Sea Chest, and click the Ship Icon, Ship Icon.
POTCO Bullet You can click the "H" button on your keyboard.

Ship Info

Choose a Ship

On the Ships Panel, you'll also have the ability to teleport to another Pirate's ship whether that Pirate is a Friend, Crewmate, Guild Member.

Types Of Ships

There are three different types of ships to choose from, Light Ships, Medium Ships, and War Ships.

POTCO Bullet Light Ships - Light Sloop, Light Galleon, Light Frigate
POTCO Bullet Regular Ships - Sloop, Galleon, Frigate
POTCO Bullet War Ships - War Sloop, War Galleon, War Frigate


Sleek, fast, and stealthy. Great if your style of pirating involves lightning raids and quicker escapes. The need for speed, however, means sacrificing firepower and cargo capacity.


Ready for a fight above all else. Tough, maneuverable, and armed to the teeth with the most cannons of any ship type. Pack light, because this hull type carries less cargo than a Galleon.


Sturdy, with large holds. This is your choice if you like plundering tons of booty before returning to port. Moderately armed, this is the slowest of the three hull types, but the hull is tougher than that of a Sloop.

Game Tip Game Tip: Remember, bigger ships of each type carry more cannons and can accommodate larger crews, which will often make the difference between winning or losing battles at sea. They're also tougher, so you'll be able to out–sail foes and withstand more battering under enemy broadsides and ramming.

Ship Data

Hull Class Crew Capacity HP Hit Points Speed Sail Points Cargo Capacity On-Deck Cannons Broadside/Below Deck Cannons Unlocks at Sailing Skill Level Cost Sell For
Light Sloop 3 2400 800 6 2 3 1 100 50
Light Galleon 6 3600 1100 10 4 5 1 300 150
Light Frigate 8 4200 900 8 8 5 1 800 400
Sloop 6 4200 800 10 4 5 5 1000 500
Galleon 8 7200 1400 14 8 9 5 4000 2000
Frigate 10 8400 1400 12 10 7 5 8000 4000
War Sloop 9 7200 1000 14 8 7 15 20000 10000
War Galleon 10 10800 3100 18 10 12 15 40000 20000
War Frigate 12 12600 2600 16 14 10 15 60000 30000

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Ship Names

These are the approved names for naming your ship. You can choose one for the first and last name of the ship.

Older version of a typical sailing screen
First Names Last Names
Barnacle Albatross
Bilge Avenger
Black Banshee
Blade Brig
Blue Brigand
Bountyhunter Bull
Buccaneer Chariot
Crimson Cobra
Cutthroat Conqueror
Dark Crest
Dark-blade Cutter
Dark-sail Dancer
Dark-water Defender
Dark-wind Demon
Enchantress Despoiler
Falcon Destroyer
Fighting Dog
Fire-sail Dragon
Floundering Eagle
Fortune Eel
Freebooter Executioner
Fugitive Explorer
Golden Fish
Green Forager
Gun Fox
Gunwale General
Headhunter Griffin
Iron Guardian
Lightnigh Hawk
Mermaid Hunter
Midnight King
Minnow Leopard
Moonraker Lion
Morning Maelstrom
Mystical Mariner
Outlaw Mercenary
Ravager Mongrel
Rebel Navigator
Red Nemesis
Renegade Phoenix
Riptide Pillager
Savage Plunderer
Scallywag Privateer
Scarlet Queen
Sea Raider
Shadow Ransom
Silver Raptor
Siren Raven
Skysail Reaver
Star Revenge
Star-sail Rogue
Storm Rose
Storm-sail Runner
Strider Saber
Sun Seafarer
Thunder Serpent
Tide Shark
Vagrant Stallion
Victory Star
Wave Starlight
White Sultan
Wicked Swan
Windjammer Tiger
Wind-racer Titan
Yellow Trident