Lawbot Headquarters

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Lawbot HQ is here! In these halls of injustice, the Lawbot Chief Justice has been capturing innocent toons and unfairly putting them on trial! Battle your way through the Cogs' legal system as you earn Jury Notices and ultimately make your way to the Lawbot boss himself where the Cogs are the Judge, the Jury, and hopefully not the Executioner!

Toon HQ has asked you to visit Professor Flake at the Precipitation Foundation for Lawbot disguise parts. He will give you tasks with Lawbot suit parts as rewards. Once you have them, you must earn Jury Notices from The District Attorney's Office. Once you have done that, you will be able to sneak into the courthouse where you will find the Chief Justice.

The District Attorney's Office

Your journey in Lawbot HQ begins here at the District Attorney's office. The DA office is the tall building on the right-hand side of the Lawbot HQ courtyard. It is here that you can obtain Jury Notices, which are required to visit the the Chief Justice.

For more information, see The District Attorney's Office.

The Lawbot Boss (CJ)

For information on this chapter, visit The Chief Justice.