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Current projects for the Club Penguin side.

Here are some projects currently in the works for our Club Penguin guide. We encourage editors to help us get these projects completed so we can start new projects and make our guides as complete as possible. There is always editing to be done! Editors are welcome to add proposed projects to this page and ideas/suggestions are always appreciated.

If you are not an editor but would like to help contribute to our guides, please visit the Disney Online Worlds forum on CPF. Also, be sure to post any mistakes found in our The Wiki Needs An Edit (Non-Editor Suggestions) thread on CPF.

Please contact UpInTheAir or SpinMarty with any project specific questions you may have.

Template Help

The templates used on the CP side are located here. Help:Editing Club Penguin

Timeline Dates

1) Fill in missing dates for current items in the Timeline
2) Find any more information that can be added to the timeline. 3) Items and Events need to be linked


It is best to get as large of photo as possible. I find that playing in full-screen mode helps. http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf

1) Items (furniture, clothing, etc), and with prices if possible!
2) Photos of various events

Item information

1) What is actually out there in the CP game, when it was released/retired, etc.

Club Penguin Times

Can we find any issues older than Issue 98? We also need issue 102.

Player Card Backgrounds

All backgrounds complete. We need to explain about these backgrounds and how they are used.

Player Card

Need to create this section.

Penguin Mail

Section to be expanded with postcard categories

Jobs for Your Penguin

Section on the Club Penguin page needs expansion, especially the Penguins At Work section

Game Guides

Guides are needed for the following games (if they are crossed out they are done):

The Basics

From what I can tell still need "The Basics" covered. Simple things like what each button does on the toolbar...Emotes, throwing snowballs, etc. Might be nice to have all the possible pre-set chat phrases listed here on the wiki as well. Anything a brand new player looking at CP for the first time might want to know so that they can enjoy their time and start playing like a pro.