Paint By Letters

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Paint By Letters


The Paint By Letter books are located in the Book Room of the Coffee Shop.


Getting Started

To start playing, click on one of the Paint By Letter books. Currently there are two Paint By Letter books available: My Puffle and Burnt Out Bulbs

How to Play

This game involves typing along with a book. Gray words appear on the page and as you type the correct letters, they will turn black.

Paint By Letters

Often during the course of the game players will need to choose how their story continues by selecting a word from the given options. These word choices appear in blue. The word you choose determines the rest of the story and the illustrations.

Paint By Letters

As you continue to type, the story and the pictures in the book are built.

Ending the Game

The game ends when you finish the story. Players can also choose to quit the game by clicking the X in upper right hand corner of the book. However, quitting the game in this manner, players do not receive the rewards normally given for completing the book. They will receive any bonus coins they had found.
To quit without finishing, click the X


Both books reward you coins for completing the story. Players earn more coins by completing the longer and more difficult book, Burnt Out Bulbs than the shorter My Puffle. There are also bonus coins to be found for each of the books. If you want to earn a lot, try finding all the hidden click-ables in the pictures to collect the bonus coins. Books can be replayed over and over.
Bonus Coins (Click to Enlarge)

My Puffle

Completing the book 50 Coins
Bonus Coins 20 Coins
per bonus coin found

(My Puffle has 5 bonus coins)

"All bonus coins found!" 100 Coins
Total Coins Possible 250 Coins

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Burnt Out Bulbs

Completing the book 220 Coins
Bonus Coins 40 Coins
per bonus coin found

(Burnt Out Bulbs has 7 bonus coins)

"All bonus coins found!" 300 Coins
Total Coins Possible 800 Coins

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