Catchin' Waves

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Released: 11 June 2007 CatchinWave-TitleScreen.jpg



Click on the surf hut at the Cove.

Object of the Game

Surf and earn points by performing as many tricks as you can before the end of the wave.

Getting Started

Step into the Surf Hut to begin
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Click "yes" to begin
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Click "Start"
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Choose a Game Mode then click "Start" or "Instructions"


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Movement Basics
  • Lean forward and back by moving the mouse right and left.
  • Steer up and down by moving the mouse up and down.
  • Lean forward and steer down to gain speed and keep ahead of the wave. The further away the cursor is away from your penguin, the faster he or she will go.
  • If you start losing balance, lean back and hold the mouse button down.
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Jump Basics
  • Move the mouse above the wave to do a jump.
  • While in mid air, make circular motions with the mouse to perform a flip.
  • The more circular motions you make, the more flips you will perform and the more points you will earn.
  • Make sure to keep the mouse on the screen while performing a flip.
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Jump Basics continued
  • To balance your penguin while in mid air, click the mouse button and hold it down.
  • Holding down the mouse button can be helpful when landing a flip.
  • Hold down the mouse button when your penguin lands on the wave to make him or her grind across the top of it.
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  • Tricks can be performed by pressing either the W, A, S, D keys or the arrow keys while your penguin is still surfing on the water.
    • Left arrow - Handstand
    • Up arrow - Wave
    • Right arrow - Dance
    • Down arrow - Lie down
  • Try pressing different combinations of keys to perform more advanced tricks.
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Spin Moves
  • Spin moves are performed by pressing the W, A, S, D keys or the arrow keys while your penguin is in mid air.
  • You can still do flips while performing a spin move, but you must land on the wave perfectly to avoid wiping out.
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Shooting the Tube
  • Surf very close to the curl of the wave to gain points by shooting the tube.
  • Don't get too close to the wave or you will end up wiping out!
  • Before playing the Competition Mode, you may want to try the Freestyle Mode to get some practice. Good luck!

Choose a surf mode. Freestyle mode is great for developing individual style and practicing moves. Choose Competition mode for an extra challenge; penguins must impress judges by performing tricks the judges announce at the beginning of each wave. There are different waves in Competition mode. Also try survival mode. In this mode you find yourself surfing on stormy waters. You will have to dodge floating glaciers and ride violent waves. If you are just getting started, you should try Surf Lesson mode. In this mode you can learn all the basics of surfing such as flips/spins, speeding up/slowing down, shooting the tube, and more.

Combine use of the mouse and keyboard arrows to surf the wave. Experiment with keyboard combinations (up, down, right, left or WASD) to do tricks. Use the mouse to control speed, balance and general movement. Move the mouse up and down slowly to carve, move left to lean back and right to lean forward. To increase your speed, lean forward and down. Lean back to regain balance if you start to wobble. To balance your penguin in mid-air and while landing a jump, hold down the mouse button.

Move the mouse above the wave to jump. To flip, make circular movements with the mouse while jumping; be sure to keep the mouse on the screen. Do tricks in mid-air to perform spin moves. Hold the mouse button down to grind on top of the wave after a jump.

If you bail, a lifeguard will set you up for another wave. You can wipeout up to three times before it’s game over.

Read instructions before playing to find more game tips.

Equipment Upgrades: If you are a member, you can upgrade your surfboard for Catchin’ Waves. Go to the Sport Shop and click on the catalog at the bottom right of your screen. It will appear in your inventory after you purchase it. Choose it from your inventory before go surfing to use it in Catchin’ Waves. If you click the shell 3 times, you can get the silver surfboard for the most points of all.

Game Modes

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Surf Lesson
Follow the arrow with your mouse, read the tips, and learn how to play.
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Surf for fun and practice your tricks.
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Enter a three wave competition and perform tricks to impress the judges.
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Go as far as you can before you wipe out on the longest wave ever discovered.