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In the Ski Lodge and the Lodge Attic you can play this game with a friend. This is played the same way as in real life. To win, stack four pieces in a row diagonally, vertically, or straight across. Alternate turns with your opponent. If there are no open boards, you can watch a game being played by clicking the board the same as if you were going to play.



Take turns dropping in checkers. Hover over the columns and click when you find the right one. Your checker will land in the lowest available space in that column. The first one to get four in a row wins. Make sure to keep a good balance between defense and offense. Always take your time, and think ahead.


One strategy, as mentioned before, is to perfectly balance defense and offense. Though, sometimes it may be helpful to entirely focus on defense. This way, your opponent becomes so focused on offense that they forget about defense and eventually you will accidentally win. There is a very little chance that your opponent will win if you use this strategy. Another strategy is one where you must make sure that you start the game, so don't join another. Place your first checker in the middle. Hopefully your opponent will place theirs on top of yours, to the far right, or to the far left. If they don't, this strategy is ruined. Place your next checker just to the left of your first. If you're in luck, your opponent will place their checker on top of one of yours or one of theirs. If not, proceed into a normal game. Place your third checker just to the right of your first. Your opponent can no longer stop you from winning. You have three checkers in a row with a space on both sides. They can only block one side. Use the unblocked side for your fourth checker. And also, because you went first and used the minimum number of checkers to win (4), you can completely ignore the defensive side of the game(since your opponent only had three turns). If this strategy is broken, proceed to use strategy one or two.


Winner: 20 coins
Loser: 10 coins

On Unknown the game was changed to:

Winner: 10 coins
Loser: 5 coins