The C.F.O.

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Toontown CogHQV.jpg Cog Headquarters CogHQV.jpg Cashbot Headquarters CogHQV.jpg The C.F.O.

The C.F.O. can be fought once you get your Cashbot suit parts, which can be anywhere from laffs less than seventy to laffs exceeding one hundred. After you attain all of your Cog parts, you will able to enter the large green doors obscuring the lobby containing the elevator to the great C.F.O. robot. The battle will not be easy, but your team should be able to eventually declare victory. You will get a great reward from Mata Hairy, who has helped you figure out how to gag the C.F.O into a wonderful win.
Mata Hairy

The Cog Round

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At the beginning of the CFO, you willl start out by fighting cogs, ranging from levels one through twelve. Just defeat them all. This is the only round you'll need to fight cogs with, but it can sometimes be very long. You defeat the cogs by just battling with them like normal; with gags.

The Big Fight


After both sides have defeated their cogs, the C.F.O and anyone defeating it will move to the next room, where Mata Harry will give you advice on operating the crane. Just wait a second.

There are two main parts of this part of the battle, stomping goons and flailing them on the crane. You may switch to either of them anytime you like. To tell how much damage the CFO has taken, just look at his chest. Like normal cogs, he has a light with a color telling how much damage he has taken. Of course, the color starts at green and approaches red, when toons are very close to becoming triumphant.


One thing is to knock out goons. Usually four people should be doing this. Just walk to their side and jump on there helmets. Their light will drop and they'll be knocked out for a short while. At first, if you knock out Yellow-helmeted goons, an Ice cream cone (Go up to them to heal your laff points) will pop out. After the Operators of the cranes start weakening the CFO, he will start releasing Orange-helmeted goons. These give out Starfish, Musical notes, or Daisies. Eventually the colors get darker until it gets to red helmeted goons, which give out ZzZ's, like the ones found in Donald's Dreamland, and Snowflakes. This is a sign, the CFO is wearing down. Why do you need to knock out the goons? For one thing, if a goon's light hits a toon, if they're operating a crane, the crane is unusable for a short time. Plus, the toon takes damage. The darker the helmet, the more damage a toon takes. Since they pop out treasures to heal your laff points, people who have lost laff points can heal themselves and continue fighting. Another thing is that the knocked out goons are picked up by operators of the cranes (see below) to hit the CFO with, which is the only way to knock down his health.


The second option is to be a crane operator. When you enter the CFO battle room, four crane operation tables are put up: one in each corner. Simply walk up to them and you start controling a crane. Use your left, right, up, and down keys on the keyboard to move the magnet. Press and hold down the CTRL button to pick up things. Find a knocked out goon some toon has knocked out and hold down CTRL to pick it up. Continue holding it. Get the magnet to line up vertically (Up & down) with the CFO (If it helps, the magnet makes a shadow on the ground so you can see where it really is). Start tilting the magnet up and down so then it's getting a good swing. Release the CTRL button to release the goon from the crane. If the goon hits the head, the CFO will make a mechanical-like sound saying that it hit him. If you try picking up a goon that is still walking, and not knocked out, in a few seconds the goon will be released from the crane, even though your still holding CTRL. When the CFO has been stunned, which is when little stars fly around his head, quickly hold down CTRL and find a near safe. Usually they're set on the left & right sides of the crane your on, so they're a bit difficult to get to. After picking it up, quickly toss it at him, using the same technique with the goon. If you throw it onto him when he's not dazed (When the birds flying around his head are gone), then he'll use the safe as a helmet. To knock it off, you grab a safe with your magnet and hit his head; The safe helmet will fly off. If you try throwing goons at his helmet while it's on, then nothing happens. After time, the CFO will have a helmet dropped on his head automaticly; this happens so then there's a challenge getting the goons to him. The more damage he's taken, the more often his head gets a helmet on.

Finally, when you get hit by a goon's light, you will get off the crane and will be timed off the crane for a short time. You can always knock the goon out, get back on the crane, and pick him up and either throw him somewhere else, or throw him at the CFO. Also, the CFO throws gears at you while on the crane to knock you off. It times you off the crane for a few seconds, and then you can use it again. Simply walk up to it yet again.

If, at any time, you want to exit the crane at any time, just click the red "X" button in the corner labeled "Exit crane," or hit the ESC button.


At the end of it all, when you defeat the CFO, he'll start running away. Well...there's a little movie of him jumping on a train.


The Reward

Mata Hairy will talk to you again and give you a reward. You will receive a new SpeedChat phrase category labeled as "Unites". Move your cursor over it. You'll see your prize! It will be either:

  • Toon-up (Followed by the Toon-up Amount)
  • Gag-up (Followed by the gag it re-fills)
  • Jellybeans (Followed by the Jellybean amount)

You may use unites at any point in time, yet you are only able to use them once, unless, that is you receive them again. Be careful and use them wisely!

If you get a Jellybeans unite, it will display "Jellybeans (#)." # is replaced with a number. Usually it's around 100 to 600. Click on it; all toons around you in a certain range (including you!) gets that amount of jellybeans displayed!

If you get a Toon-up unite, it will display "Toon-up (#)". # is replaced with a number. This is the amount of Laff points you can toon others up with. Simply stand around some toons and use it. Everyone around you in a certain range gains that amount of laff points (Until they reach their maximum laff, if they do)! (This CAN be used in battle, including CFO)

If you get the Gag-up unite, it will display a "Gag-up (Track)". Track is replaced with a gag track. For example, "Gag-up (Throw)". If you click on it, all toons around you in a certain range restock their best gags of that track possible; For free! (This CAN be used in battle)

Each time you defeat the CFO, you will get one of these. You can get the same thing twice, but it is uncommon.

Now you know everything about the previously obscure Cog C.F.O.