Dancing Inferno Magic Single Use

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Basic Information

Item Color Cost Photo Location Notes
Dancing Inferno Magic Single Use X/Q

Sells for D40

Magic Pin

Dancing Inferno magic Single Use Epcot Trivia Quest 4
  • 12 March 2007 to 2 April 2007

Main Street Magic Shop

  • 16 February 2008 to 1 March 2008

Treasure Detector Magic

  • Starting 1 April 2008

Q Button Quest

Magic Word: Inferno!

Effect: Character dances in a circle of flames.
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Released: 12 March 2007
Retired: 2 April 2007
Re-released: 16 February 2008
Retired: 1 March 2008
Re-released: 1 April 2008 Retired with the closing of VMK: 21 May 2008


Dancing Inferno magic Single Use


Dancing Inferno magic animation

Expiration Time

This item was initially released with an expiration time of 7 days. Later on this was changed to 30 days.

Lasting Times

The effect lasts for 0:13 seconds.