Cashbot Mints

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Toontown CogHQV.jpg Cog Headquarters CogHQV.jpg Cashbot Headquarters CogHQV.jpg Cashbot Mints

Anyways, here we have what we call Mints. Mints are filled with Cashbots, Skelecogs and Cogs of most higher level types. (Robber baron, etc.) So it's highly recommended you have a very high track of throw, toon-up and sound, otherwise you'll have trouble getting aboard a mint.

To get into a mint, follow the instructions just like entering a cog building. Enter the elevator (It can hold up to 4 toons), and wait for the count to go down. Next thing you know, your in a mint!

CBHQ Elevator Limits.png

There is a different amount of elevator laff limits for each Cashbot Mint.

There are three types of mints;

CHQ bullet Cashbot Coin Mint
CHQ bullet Cashbot Dollar Mint
CHQ bullet Cashbot Bullion Mint

Each of these mints are designed to be at different levels of difficulty: The coin mint is the shortest, the Bullion mint is the longest, and the Dollar mint is just in between.

Mints are designed to be in a different type of maze each time; yet, they use the same rooms, only in a different order. They classify them as levels, which they display when you enter a mint. Each mint has different levels. See Mint Maps for maps of each mint.

When you defeat a mint, there is no special prize. All the mint is for is to defeat higher level cogs of cashbots, and to get Cog Bucks easier.