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Episode 1 Released: 20 January 2006

Episode 2 Released: 6 February 2006
Episode 3 Released: 1 March 2006

What is Yeti Vision?

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Yeti Vision is a game that is downloaded here
- You need to beat levels to earn codes!


Level 1

Item Color Cost Photo Location Notes
Expedition Everest Pin X/Q

Sells for D5

Expedition Everest Pin Secret Code Prize for Level 1 in Yeti Vision Online Game.

Released: 20 January 2006
Retired: Unknown

Level 2

Item Color Cost Photo Location Notes
Expedition Everest Guest Room Q

Sells for D5

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Win Level 2 of Yeti Vision

Secret Code

Room Size: 216

Released: 6 February 2006

Level 3

Item Color Cost Photo Location Notes
Everest Ride Car X/Q

Sells for D5

Everest Ride Car Secret Code
  • Available from the Yeti Vision game, level 3

Released: 1 March 2006 Retired with the closing of VMK: 21 May 2008

Before you Play

You will need to download the game from here

You don't need to visit the website again once you have installed the Yeti Vision program. Sorry, but the game is for PCs only.

How to Play

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  • Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move left and right.

  • Move your mouse to the left side of your screen to access the inventory. Click on the object you want to use, then click on what you want to use it on.

  • To pick up items, click on them.

  • If your mouse turns into an eye, don't click, just read what's on the information bar.

Tips and Hints

  • You can only get a code from any level every five minutes. So when you win a level, you need to wait five minutes before you can get the code for the next level. Otherwise, the system will just return you to the menu.
  • When you get your prize code for level 2, the game shows a pin (the same prize as level 1), but when you redeem it in VMK, you do get the room.

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