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VMK Values

The VMK Values and VMK House Rules are the guidelines we all live by within the game. You should read them and follow them. Not following them can have dire consequences!


The Internet can sometimes be a scary and dangerous place. VMK has tried to provide a safe world to play in - but you need to do your part to help!

Make sure you don't tell people things about your real life that they might use to figure out who you are. VMK even discourages talking about non-Disney websites (like this one!), because they can't ensure your safety.

So, make sure you play safe! You can also find out more suggestions from VMK about how to Play Safe and some information for parents (but you should read it too!) about how VMK keeps us safe.

If you are ever concerned about your safety, use the contact us button on the VMK home page, or report a room or player while you are in a game. Staff members will respond with a message or by showing up to help.


If it sounds too good to be true - it just might be! VMK has tried hard to make sure that people won't take advantage of you, but there is only so much that they can do. Before you do any trade - make sure it is the trade you want! Some people ask to "borrow" something, and may not give it back. Even if they are your friend, do not let ANYONE borrow the objects unless you know them personally. When trading high-rarity items or more than the alloted 15 objects, ask a Community Leader for assistance in the trade. Have the leader hold the important item while you transfer your stuff over to the opposite trader. That way, everyone comes out happy.

If you are scammed, report the incident using the "Call for Help" button and send a Contact Us message in the event of a serious scam.

VMK provides more information about Keeping Your Stuff Safe.

Being Banned

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Players who fail to comply with the VMK Values can be banned from VMK. Bans don't just affect your account, they could prevent anyone using your computer or network from accessing VMK - so others in your house could be affected.

Bans can be a few hours, a week, a month, a year, 15 years or even permanent depending on the severity of your actions. You can appeal your ban using the contact us button on the VMK home page, and they will review the log of what happened, but usually bans are not reversed unless all the facts are in your favor.

Under the current rules, people who have been banned will not be accepted to become Community Leaders.

Hacking and Scripting

Hacking or scripting tools allow you to do things in VMK or on other websites without doing the work yourself. These tools are not allowed to be used in VMK or to get any VMK code.

On 18 August, 2006, VMK posted this notice on the home page


and prevented many prizes awarded from game codes from being traded. This was because one such scripting tool was discovered and closed down.